Adsense Google Crawler Configuration

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I'm trying to add login access to the Adsense google bot for pages hidden to guests. I have a few questions about configuration and how it works.

1. Do I have to enter multiple crawler logins for each directory I want to extend access to? Is it sitewide or recursive?
2. Guests can see one node's forum list page, but cannot open threads. If I give googlecrawler access through login will it be able to access these threads? I ask because set-up asks for the URL of the restrict page or directory.
3. When I test it, Google says it's supposed to show the restricted page below. Instead, Google opens a new window at instead of It does log into the account.


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I am also looking for the same information. I hope one of the team here can explain what needs to be done to make Google happy ;)
Here is the URL of the Google page in question: