Adsense penalties Encouraging accidental clicks: Layout


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Anyone else been having this issue for the last few weeks for their Xenforo?

Get a "must fix Encouraging accidental clicks" then get a two click penalty for a couple of days. I request a review as soon as I see it and it's usually gone within 2 days, then it takes 3 days for the penalty to go.

It's only on odd pages where there's usually not anything more than some uploaded media and unfurled links

But something must be triggering it?

Was tempted to try disabling the member tool tip and share tool tip as they're the only things that could overlap it. The ad has a padding of 25px away from any content.

Anyone else had it start recently?
Just add some margin-top/margin-bottom to all your add units. Make sure they're far away from other text or clickable things.
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