How to disable Adsense ads on a Thread/Forum?


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Hi Everyone!
I'd like to know if it's possible to disable any adsense ads (anywhere on the forum including sidebar, header, footer, thread body etc) on a particular thread or a Forum node (to disable ads for all threads under the forum node) ?

Is there any plugin / codes / conditions to do this ?

Thanks in advance :)


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@djbaxter @AndyB thanks :) I'll check all features .

Just in advance would like to know if add-ons can handle Adsense auto-ads too to exclude from forums or threads ?
Yes I believe both of those addons can do that (I know Siropu's Ads Manager does).

By the way, you can also exclude ads from specific pages/URLs on the Google AdSense page itself. Probably not that useful for most forums but I use that feature for a WordPress site where I only want ads on posts, not on pages.

Go to Sites, click on the domain, click the edit pencil icon, then Page exclusions >> Manage