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Happy New Year everyone!

It's been a while I was playing around with XenForo pages and code snippets from years ago were working on XF 1.x only . There are plentry of code samples I found using Google Search / Forum Search, however, none of them is doing what I want it to do or better, I cannot figure it out. Thanks to @Wildcat Media 's thread I already know, how to display a post in a page, but I still have no idea and also cannot find any code samples how to display a certain forum / node on a page (all threads within a forum) and how to filter them (e. g. by prefix: $request->setParam('prefix_id', 1); or author) or simply displaying a single node / forum on a page. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I only have three pages, so there is no point for me using a CMS. The first page is basically a landing page with more or less static content that changes perhaps once or twice per year, a second page that displays the contents of a forum with some static content and a third page displaying a single forum with some static content. Moderators should be able to edit those pages by editing the first post of a defined thread and there should be no need to have access to XenForo's admin panel. That's the whole idea behind this.

tl;dr version below:

What I am trying to achieve:
  • Ability to change the contents of a page by editing the first post of a thread and the ability to display a single forum / node or all threads of a single forum / node on this page.
  • Ability to change the contents of a block, by editing the first post of a thread and this page contains up to five blocks and we have multiple threads of course.
You don't have to do this for free, I will donate to that person who can help out a fellow techie, who isn't a developer. The code will of course be published here, in hope it will be useful.

Thanks guys!
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