1. Black Tiger

    Lack of interest Date/time option for advertisement like notices have to auto display them

    At this moment, the advertisement section is limited. One can not place it at all positions where notices can be placed if I'm correct (could be mistaken). But also, it's not possible to place advertisements for a certain time periode, unless you created widgets with codes for it. So I would...
  2. Wutime

    Google Adsense Autoads (Advanced) v2.0

    Quickly add Google's Adsense to your website using Google's Autoads placement. The most recent update includes the newly released Ad Code from Google from July 19, 2021. Setup is easy: Download and install the addon Enter your Adsense publisher ID Choose any controllers you don't want to show...
  3. adamsmasher

    Lack of interest XF 2.0 Export Advertisements / Associate with Add-on

    I'd love to be able to either export all the advertisements I've made in Setup > Advertisements, or save them to an add-on. For me this would make it easy to install all ad code in one go, such as when I upgrade our forum from XF1 to XF2.
  4. Siropu

    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.22

    If you don't want to sell ads, there is a cheaper lite version called Ads Manager 2 Lite. Ads Manager 2 is the new and improved version of Ads Manager 1, designed for XenForo 2. Ads Manager 2 allows you to make money by displaying your own ads or by selling ad spaces on your forum (or both)...
  5. jauburn

    Have ads ruined the internet?

    Who agrees?
  6. Dadparvar

    Lack of interest Advertisments system for XFMG

    Hi, As a suggestion, hope one day it become able to manage different kinds of ads in XFMG. My media site supports these ways: Ads are really important part of media system (mostly pre-roll static and video ads). specially for those kinds of sites that are hosting free media, like us...
  7. Siropu

    Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9

    Ads Manager 2 is now avaialbe. Ads Manager is a light and powerful advertisement management system that allows you to manage with ease your own ads and/or sell ads using packages. With Ads Manager you can display 6 types of ads on XenForo: 1. Code This ad type allows you to display...
  8. Siropu

    Ads Manager by Siropu [Paid]

    Siropu submitted a new resource: Ads Manager by Siropu - Light and powerfull Ads Manager that allows you to sell and create 6 types of ads! Read more about this resource...
  9. XCentral

    XenCentral Ad Server 2.0.0 beta 3 rev. 2

    XenCentral Ad Server is a feature-rich and powerful system to run and manage advertisement on your XenForo community. The add-on is designed to work as enterprise level ad server and complete solution for advertisement management and community monetization. The system is fully integrated with...
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