Lack of interest Date/time option for advertisement like notices have to auto display them

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At this moment, the advertisement section is limited. One can not place it at all positions where notices can be placed if I'm correct (could be mistaken).

But also, it's not possible to place advertisements for a certain time periode, unless you created widgets with codes for it.

So I would like to suggest to at least have date/time options to display ads like notices have. Like after some date and before another one, or forever.

This way you can easily place things like rented banners and ads which only run a certain amount of time.
Which would also be good for recurring adds.

Yes I know, we can use notices for this, but why not just also have this date/time option in the advertisement section like the competition has?
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Because this is now a bit of out of context, this reply here below was an answer to Brendon's reply, but he remove his reply.
But this was my answer to him.


I was looking for a top display, which is called forum_list in the notices, but it seems one of the breadcrumb options is doing this.
However, I was looking if there was also an option to display a banner there, but not full with so above the forum list but in the same width as the forum list. So in fact the banner would be next to the right side bar above the forum list in the center.

As for time based, yes, conditional statement, that is what I mean with things with codes which are not so easy, at least to me.

Also the "advertisements" part does not have a conditional statement bar so that can't be done there. And not everybody is good with creating conditional statements either. I have an example for a widget (from you I thought) but it's much easier for everybody if there is a date/time section in the advertising bar.

So hence my idea/suggestion to just put in a date time selection there. Can't that be easily copied from the notices programming?

There are always workarounds (use widgets, use condition statements, use mod) but I thought suggestions were to improve things and make life a bit easier. ;)
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