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Ads Manager by Siropu - Light and powerfull Ads Manager that allows you to sell and create 6 types of ads!

*** Promotional price till Friday: 39.99 USD ***

My Ads Manager is a light and feature rich advertisement management system that allows you to sell and create 6 types of ads: Custom Code, Banner, Text, Link, Keyword and Sticky Treads.

ACP Features:
  1. Create/manage Ads
  2. Create/manage Packages
  3. Create/manage Positions (22 positions available and you can add more)
  4. Manage Transactions
  5. Options (Enable user Ads Manager, IPN Debug, IPN Sandbox, Your PayPal...
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I think that could be achieved with custom code ads and CSS, the same way bootstrap does it.
So basically you would have 2 ads in the same ad place, and wrap each one in a separate div with a class that corresponds to the device size.

Something like:
<div class="display-tablet">
ad code for tablet here
<div class="display-desktop">
ad code for desktop here
I will have to write the CSS for that and it should work.

EDIT: In this case the stats will not work for each one separately.
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What do you mean you can't? As is against their policy? Adsense now offers responsive Ads so you can just create a responsive unit.


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i usually only use ads that are 300 pixels wide, which works on 99% of mobile units, so i'm lucky there.

but if i post a leaderboard....well...hopefully user sees the good half! LOL


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It's not really clear but you mention sticky threads. Does this add-on allow users to purchase a sticky thread for x amount of time and then once that time is up, they have an option to renew stickiness?


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@NixFifty, that's correct. They can renew the sticky before it expires or after has expired.
That's good to hear. Another question that comes to mind though... Do you have options to configure if stickies can be purchased in a certain nodes and if so, place a limit on how many purchased stickies there can be in a certain section?


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@Anthony Parsons, @Rob, I'll see if I can find a reliable way to implement this in PHP. I'm thinking adding 3 checkboxes in ad's settings:
x Display On Desktop
x Display On Tablet
x Display On Mobile

And then in PHP figure out what device the user is using and display the correct ad.

@NixFifty, In order to sell stickies, you will first need to select the forums in which you want to sell. And you can set maximum stickies per forum allowed (globally not for each one) and you can also set user sticky limit per forum (globally). You can also set a different price for each forum.

These options can be found in ACP and in the package settings.
@Hovi, no. I can add this option easily. As a user permission or as a global option, what do you think would be best?
I think it might be worthwhile to add.

Preference: Globally defined or defined on a per ad basis

User permissions most likely wouldn't work well, but this is specific to my situation.


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I don't want buyers to pause ads because then if they pause it, it delays me from sending them another invoice or finding another buyer.

Now if I have multiple users buying ads in the same zone under the impression that they are buying a percentage of impressions, then that's cool. But I want to make sure I get paid every month, so if you implement the pause option, then please make it so we can enable/disable it.