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Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9

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Q: Do I need to use any template conditionals in order to display ads?
A: No! With Ads Manager, displaying ads it's easy as 1, 2, 3!

Q: Can I display ads in multiple positions?
A: Yes!

Q:Can I display multiple ads in the same positions?

Q:Can I display the same ad(s) on multiple position(s) at the same time?

Q:Can I rotate multiple ads on the same page without reloading the page?
A: Yes!

Q: How can I sell Ads?
A: All you have to do is create a package (or multiple) for each ad type you want to sell on the positions you want and the rest is automated.

Q: How does the user purchase Ads?
A: Once the option to sell ads it's enabled in admin area, the users will see a new tab that links to the user ads manager section where he/she can find a list with the available packages in which ads can be created.

Ad cost is updated in real time when user creates an ad that has options such as min and max purchase or if there are premium keywords or forums with different cost. Same for discounts.

Q: How does the advertisement selling process work?
A: When a user creates a new ad, it will show up in the admin control panel with status "Pending". You can then click on "View details" and approve or reject (can specify reason) the ad.

When the ad is approved, an invoice will be generated with status "Pending" and the user will be notified about it to complete it.

If multiple invoices have been generated for the same user, he/she can select to pay all invoices at once.

After the user completes the invoice(s), the ad(s) will be automatically enabled.

Q: How many payment options are available?
A: PayPal, Payza, ROBOKASSA, ZarinPal, Stripe, Skrill, Bitcoinand Bank Transfer/Wire (Manual)

Q: What happens if there are no slots available for user ads?
A: Users can still create Ads but once approved, their ads will be queued and when slots becomes available, the ads will be processed (an invoice will be generated and the slot will become reserved) in the order that have been submitted.

Q: What happens if the user doesn't complete the invoice?
A: You can set the maximum time frame in which the invoice can be completed and if it isn't completed after that time, the invoice will be cancelled and the ad rejected. If the invoice was generated for a queued ad, the next ad in queue will be processed.

Q: What happens when an Ad is about to expire?
A: A warning will appear in the user's Ads Manager tab and page and the user will also get an email notification (if he/she set this option when created the ad). When the ad is about to expire/or has expired, the user can use the extend function to continue the ad running.

If the ad has expired and the user didn't extend it, and there are ads in queue, that user will lose the slot (will see a warning message when trying to extend).

Q: Can users pause the Ads?
A: Yes.

Q: Can users modify their Ads after approval?
A: Yes, but this will require re-approval from admins unless advertisers have the permissions to make changes without admin re-approval.

Q: How are views counted?
A: There are two methods of counting from which you can choose: When ad is viewed or When ad is displayed

Q: How are views counted if ads are in rotation?
A: Same answer as above.

Q: How are views/clicks counted if the same ad(s) are on different positions on the same page?
A: Are counted for every position that ad uses. If you don't want this, you
can set the admin options "Unique View Count Condition" and "Unique Click Count Condition" to match your need.

Q: Where can I find the Google Analytics statistics for the ads?
A: You can find them in your Google Analytics account under Behavior > Events.

Q: Are ads responsive?
A: Yes, but there are some limitations to custom code ads depending on its content. Will try to figure out a way for those cases in the future.

Q: Are there any callbacks to external servers?
A: No.

Q: I'm using Google translate widget with Ads Manager and it doesn't display properly. How to fix that?
A: Add this in EXTRA.css:
#google_translate_element a {
     display: initial !important;
.goog-te-gadget img {
     display: initial !important;
     width: auto !important;

Q: How can I make the bottom sidebar ad stick when scrolling down?
A: Add the following code in page_container_js_body template, after the last line:
$(function() {
     var unit = $('.sidebarBottom');
     var unitOffset = unit.offset().top;
     $(window).scroll(function() {
          var unitScrollOffset = unit.offset().top;
          var scrollTop = $(document).scrollTop();
          if (unitScrollOffset - scrollTop <= 0) {
               unit.css({position: 'fixed', top: 10, width: 'auto'});
          } else if (scrollTop <= unitOffset) {
               unit.css({position: '', top: '', width: '100%'});

Q: Header ads are breaking the header on mobile view. How to fix that?
A: Add the following code in page_container_js_body template, after the last line:
$(function() {
     if ($('#header .SamLink').length) {
          $('#headerProxy').css('padding-top', $('#header').height() - $('#headerProxy').height());

Q: Can I use Ads Manager on more than one domain?
A: No. You need a new licence for each domain.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
A: How can you not like it? However, NO refunds will be made, because I have no guarantees that you won't use my Add-on after that.

If you have any questions, please let me know.