1. A

    Fixed Keywords containing letter š are not highlighted in search results

    As stated in the title.
  2. Siropu

    Keyword Linking by Siropu 1.3.9

    Allows you to link keywords in thread posts, thread custom fields, conversation messages, profile posts, resource manager descriptions, AMS articles and Showcase items. Keyword Options Replacement - Replace the matched keyword with something else Title - As an anchor title or as a tooltip...
  3. fahad ashraf

    Keyword Alert 1.0.1

    This addon allow User to save different keywords for alerts/emails Features: User Groups permission to use this addon Emails send via Cron + Queue Emails delivery has different mode immediately, daily, weekly, monthly Alert will have only immediate mode Cron will run in every 20 min to sends...
  4. SyTry

    Keyword Management (KWM2) - French Translation by SyTry 1.4.2

    Today I share with you the translation of Keyword Management (KWM2) made by @SyTry ! Installation tutorial : Log into your AdminCP : Appearance. Import a language : select the translation. Overwrite : Français (FR). Click Import. Version : 1.2.1 In case of problem, or bad translation ask me...
  5. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Change minimum search keyword

    On my forum, the search keyboard length is 4. I changed it to 3 but unable to search. How can i fix this? I'm using XF 2.0.x
  6. Siropu

    Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9

    Ads Manager is a light and powerful advertisement management system that allows you to manage with ease your own ads and/or sell ads using packages. With Ads Manager you can display 6 types of ads on XenForo: 1. Code This ad type allows you to display HTML/JavaScript/Flash ads such as...