Ads Manager by Siropu

Ads Manager by Siropu 1.26.9

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This release fixes a bug where you cannot disable view count when you want to track only clicks.
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Added admin option to globally hide ads from certain threads.

Bugs Fixed
Wrong invoice amount in generated invoices upon subscription payment when a promo code was used for subscription.
Incorrect filed name in subscriptions.
This release fixes some template and code errors.
This release fixes a bug with a DB query.
This release fixes some errors that could occur for some users.
Also, a missing phrase and some other code issues.
  • Added option to upload custom invoice for advertisers.
  • Added a new permission to allow certain groups to bypass ad approval process.
  • Added "Nofollow" and "Open in New Window" support for custom html link code ads.
  • Added "Overview" link in advertisers sidebar menu.
  • Added option to delete ad statistics older than x days (Ads Manager [General]).
  • Added option to enable a page where all advertiser's active ads are displayed (Ads Manager [Advertisers]).
  • Added some explanations about criteria (can be accessed when creating an ad or package, in the description).
Added option to order packages by a set numeric display order or based on available ad slots.
Added option to quick create same package type in ACP package list, for each type group.
Fixed a bug with "Advertiser here" link in link ad type.
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  • Added option to use external banner image.
  • Added option to use adblock backup ads with banner ads when using the banner code option.
  • Added new position criteria options that allows you to display ads based on the thread post message when using positions from "Thread Post" position category.
  • Added "All Packages" tab in package list advertiser area.
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Added option to replace blocked ads (by AdBlocker) with a banner ad.

Bugs Fixed
  • View count issue from the last update.
  • Keyword ads issue with smilies
Ad Blocker Handling
Allows you to either replace the blocked ads with a message or display an overlay that requires user to disable ad block in order to continue.

Export/Import for Ads and Packages
Allows you to export individual ads and packages with/or without its ads.

Package Ad Location Preview
Allows you to upload an image to better show advertisers where the ad will be displayed.

New Position Criteria Options
  • Thread Title Contains
  • Thread Title Does NOT Contains
  • First Post Contains
  • First Post Does NOT Contains
  • Package types are now displayed in tabs for advertisers.
  • Added device criteria option for advertisers when creating ads (User group permission).
  • Basic ad information, Geo Targeting and Device Criteria are now displayed in tabs for advertisers.
Bugs Fixed
  • Issue with duplicate currencies in list.
  • Error with mobile detect library when using alongside Chat by Siropu.
  • Error with missing fields in ad embed mode.
  • Other code issues.


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