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The option "Notes" has been added for ads if you need to add some extra info about the ad. The info will be displayed in the "View Details" page of the ad.

Bug Fix
Added missing option "Publishable Key" for Stripe API.
Display Priority/Weight
This is an ad setting that works with packages and random ordering and allows you to display some ads more often then others.

Display After x Seconds
If set, the ad will be displayed with a delay of x seconds.

Hide After x Seconds
If set, the ad will be hidden after x seconds of display.

New Positions for Media Gallery
Media View Image
Media View Image Full


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Embed Ads
Admins have now the option to embed ads outside of xenforo. You can embed individual ads or ads from a certain package.

New Ad Type: Featured Resource
If you have Resource Manager Add-on installed, you can now sell featured resources. As with stiky ads, you can specify different prices based on resource category and you can sell only in selected categories.

26 new positions for Resource Manager and Media Gallery

Special Positions for RM:
  • Resource List After x Resource (Can be used with "Item ID" option)
Special Positions for MG:
  • After Media Item x (Can be used with "Item ID" option)
  • After Media Album x (Can be used with "Item ID" option)
  • Media Preview Video
  • Media Preview Video Full
  • Media View Video
  • Media View Video Full
Alerts have been added for notifications regarding ads and invoices.
New position criteria options: Thread ID is NOT, Thread Tag is NOT, Keyword is NOT
Added option to display ads outside of selected nodes in page criteria "Page is NOT Within Nodes".

Bug Fixes
  • End tag issue with a position in forum list.
  • CTR not being calculated live
  • Missing phrase.
  • Some other code issues.


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Duplicate ad issue with position criteria flag U in combination with other flags.
Deleting ads doesn't clear the ads cache, still displaying the deleted ads.

Using "R" flag in Item ID option in a package, display each ad in a random place instead of displaying all ads in the same random place.
  1. Blockchain API error
  2. Counting not working with " When ad is viewed" method for ads that are in rotation
  3. Email template missing for "Email Advertisers" tool
  4. Some other code issues
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  1. Error when trying to extend an inactive keyword ad.
  2. Error when counting views using "When ad is displayed" option with statistics disabled.
  3. Some other code issues.
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View Count Method
Allows you to choose from two options "When ad is viewed" (default) and "When ad is displayed". Option can be found in Ads Manager admin options "General".

Advertiser User Groups
Allows you to add advertisers to one or more custom user groups until their ads expire.

Some small improvements:
- View package statistics from ads list
- Display view count/view limit or click count/click limit for expiring soon ads list on Ads Manager admin page.

Also, a new position has been added to display ads in forum list to the right side of the forum name. This is an alternative for the "inside forum node x description" position.

Some bugs have been fixed with free packages and some other code issues.
A workaround has been added to support page node criteria in some custom XF positions that didn't work with page node criteria.
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Advertisers can now edit the ad details no meter the ad status. They can't however change the keywords (keyword ads) or thread (sticky ads), once the ad has been approved and invoice has been generated. Once the ad has been changed, admin needs to reapprove the ad, unless the advertiser has the new permission "Edit own ads without admin approval".

Page criteria has now the option to view a list of the main content templates that can be used with page criteria options "Content Template is" and "Content Template is NOT".

"Advertise Here" link will be displayed to guests as well. If "Guest Mode" is enabled, the link will go to the "Create Ad" page. If not enabled, link will go to login page.

Bug Fixes
Free packages triggering error when trying to create a new ad even if there are free slots available.
Clone Ad
Allows you to create a new Ad with the settings of a particular Ad.

Free Mode
A feature that can be used by forum owners that don't want to sell ads but want to provide users the option to promote stuff for free.

New Payment Option: Skrill

Bug Fixes
"Minimum Results on Page" not working.
Deleting banner ads that have additional banners, will not delete the additional banners.

The admin option "Link Position" has been replaced by 2 new options: "Enable User Navigation Tab" and "Enable User Navigation Link". The navigation tab option allows you to set the tab position.


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