Tickets 1.6.10

No permission to buy ($60.00)
  • Minor adjustments to counting logic.
  • Force thread to be visible when converting to a ticket.
  • Fix a regression causing duplicate assigned tickets to appear in the queue.
  • Fix error when trying to view created page for an unknown ticket.
  • Tweak category save process to not complain about no email addresses provided
  • Email addresses can now be set on a per-category basis to receive email notifications when new tickets are created
  • Allow profile posts to be converted to tickets. There is a new moderator permission for this that'll need to be granted
  • Add the ability to change the owner of a ticket
  • Staff with permission can now change a ticket's associated email for a user
  • Responses can now be used when creating tickets
  • Opt not to show the responses dropdown when there aren't any responses
  • Tweak how queue list handles assigned vs. unassigned tickets
  • Fix an issue where "Any" filter was not working correctly
  • Opt not to run escalations on non-visible tickets
  • Fix potential permission checking issue when viewing guest tickets. Thanks @Freelancer for spotting this.
  • Other minor bug fixes and code improvements.
  • Harden permission checking on news feed items.
  • Cap number of emails an escalation can send.
  • Ensure the subsequent ticket is marked as watched when converting from a conversation.
  • Add missing news feed template for ticket message liking.
  • Re-add support for displaying potential shared accounts on a ticket.
  • Allow fields to have finer-tuned viewing and editing permissions.
  • Allow use of {group} and {groupTitle} in predefined responses to pull user group information in the reply.
  • Add new permission to control whether users can set priorities on their own tickets.
  • Minor QoL improvements.
  • Minor assortment of bug fixes.
  • Leverage more JavaScript to update ticket details on the fly rather than refreshing the page for updates.
  • Add inline moderation controls to ticket view.
  • Add a new permission for priority updating.
  • Properly update counters when deleting tickets.
  • Improve UX and styling in a few areas.
  • Workaround an issue in Milano's Live Feed add-on when viewing user activity within a ticket.
  • Improve support for Xon's User Activity add-on.
  • Add additional escalation criteria.
  • Minor assortment of other bug fixes and code improvements.
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Thanks to Xon for contributions to this and the last couple of releases!
  • Minor assortment of bug fixes.
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  • Email styling and phrase fixes.
  • Display an option to choose whether or not to alert a user to a new ticket created for them.
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  • Various minor bug fixes over the previous release.
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