Tickets 1.6.4

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  • Leverage more JavaScript to update ticket details on the fly rather than refreshing the page for updates.
  • Add inline moderation controls to ticket view.
  • Add a new permission for priority updating.
  • Properly update counters when deleting tickets.
  • Improve UX and styling in a few areas.
  • Workaround an issue in Milano's Live Feed add-on when viewing user activity within a ticket.
  • Improve support for Xon's User Activity add-on.
  • Add additional escalation criteria.
  • Minor assortment of other bug fixes and code improvements.
Likes: Alfa1
Thanks to Xon for contributions to this and the last couple of releases!
  • Minor assortment of bug fixes.
Likes: Xon
  • Email styling and phrase fixes.
  • Display an option to choose whether or not to alert a user to a new ticket created for them.
Likes: Xon
  • Various minor bug fixes over the previous release.
Likes: Xon
After you've upgraded, please ensure you do the following:

ACP -> Applications -> Ticket Rebuilds -> Rebuild Ticket Information

ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Search Index for the Ticket and Ticket Message content types.

  • Ensure ticket count is not always, unnecessarily, rebuilt. Also ensure it's properly rebuilt when need be.
  • Detect whether JavaScript is enabled or not. This requires some additional configuration with custom field callbacks. Please see FAQs.
  • Add a separator between handy links and categories.
  • Ensure device information callbacks correctly handle iOS 11 devices.
  • Ensure custom field callback errors are properly phrased.
  • Fix a potential issue with deleting threads.
  • Allow quick finding of guest tickets.
  • Improve robustness of the installer.
  • Capture and display spam trigger log on tickets.
  • Improve handling of content permissions for tickets.
  • Simplify escalation configuration steps.
  • Improve performance of escalations, especially when a ticket has just been replied to.
  • Add the ability to open a ticket directly from the member card or member profile views.
  • Properly mark tickets as read when messages have been loaded dynamically.
  • Display the created ticket page regardless if users have permissions to view the ticket or not.
  • Various misc style fixes.
  • Support select to quote functionality.
  • Add the ability to change a ticket's status while responding.
  • Add the ability to automatically self-assign tickets while responding.
  • Separate handling of ticket starter and the actual owner of the ticket.
  • Provide clearer indication when a ticket was opened by someone else instead of the user.
  • Display ticket owner's recent activity under a tab for quicker access.
  • Properly expose search functionality and add various constraints.
  • Attempt to resolve issues with counting the number of viewable tickets.
  • Properly handling unassigning of tickets.
  • Improve integration with draft functionality.
  • Workaround some issues with the OneSignal add-on that cause escalations to break.
  • Allow users to resolve their own tickets if they have appropriate permission.
  • Other misc code improvements.
  • Ensure escalations are fired after new ticket replies.
  • Missing phrases are no longer missing.
  • Improvements to underlying escalation framework.
  • Allow escalation routines to be fired once per new ticket message.
  • Lots of bug fixes and code improvements.
  • Add the ability to convert a conversation to a ticket. Thanks to @Alfa1 for sponsoring this feature!
It is recommended that you backup a copy of your escalation texts prior to upgrading, just in case.
  • Add some missing phrases.
  • Fix a potential case where a thread could be mistakenly created for a ticket.
  • Remove legacy code that was causing issues with status changes from escalations.
  • Fix an issue where the discussion tab could go missing.
  • Fixed an issue where escalation texts could become mixed up or go missing.
  • Added the ability to filter by any ticket status.