Digital Point Spy

Digital Point Spy 1.3.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Disclaimer: There is an external callback called whenever templates are rebuilt which automatically removes branding for you when appropriate.

  • Put the contents of the library directory into your XenForo library directory.
  • Install the addon-dpSpy.xml file in your Admin Control Panel -> Install Add-on option.
  • If you have a license for branding removal, you can enter your domain(s) here before you install to have branding automatically removed.
There isn't a whole lot to explain... you can see it running live here:

Note: if you want the version that works with XF 1.0.x/1.1.x, download the 1.0.5 version.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated for XenForo 1.3

    Don't log moderator actions when editing moderator log Updated for XenForo 1.3
  2. Adds support for thread prefix and other various things...

    Added support for thread prefixes Minor cosmetic fixes on feed Handles invalid Spy URL more...
  3. Minor update

    - Adds support for longer actions keys - Suppresses actions when they are not moderated but the...

Latest reviews

Doesn't work at all, stay away! This should be moved into the unmaintained add-ons because people are running 1.5.x versions of XenForo now (at least) and this is not compatible.
No longer works reliably on my forum on XF 1.5.11. Tried to debug conflicts, no luck. Author did not help.
Didn't work for me, i would have liked to buy this eventually after trying but it didn't work out. Great idea though and friendly author.
Great add-on, thanks!
Does what it says on the box :)
Works perfectly.
A must have addon - works very well
Just what I needed, thanks. Also great that it excludes forums that the user does not have permission to view. Thanks!
Excellent addon! Very useful!
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