[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics

[DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics 1.0.10

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
Recommended to have PHP Sodium extension installed (but not required)
Visible branding
  • Serve Google Tag Manager JavaScript from your own domain
    • Normally, Google forces browsers to re-download the JavaScript every 15 minutes, which can hurt your site rendering speed. If you choose to serve it from your own domain, the time between re-downloads is set to 30 days. It also allows you to serve it from the network edge (for example cached in Cloudflare's data centers).
  • Google Analytics API usage for:
    • Setup/configuration
      • Selection of existing measurement ID
      • Optionally create a new property/data stream
      • Setup of custom dimensions specific to XenForo for reporting
    • Reporting from within XenForo admin area
    • Backend data collection
  • Ability to track XenForo overlay system as page views
  • Track registered members across multiple devices
  • Track the style being used
  • Track nodes
  • Track threads
    • with or without the thread's first tag
  • Track client-side errors
    • Console errors
    • JavaScript errors
    • Images not loading
  • Track user registrations and logins
    • includes how they are registering/logging in (for example which type of connected account)
  • Track new threads
    • and replies
  • Track new profile posts
    • and comments
  • Track new conversations
    • and replies
  • Track emails being sent and opened
    • incudes email subject
    • Done with backend data collection (multi-threaded with Guzzle's promise system so it doesn't slow down mass sending of emails).
  • Track attachment views/downloads
  • Track users using XenForo share buttons
    • includes which platform they are sharing to
  • Track users using XenForo's bookmark system
  • Track user upgrades as e-commerce
    • Views
    • Begin checkout
    • Purchase
  • Track Google AdSense impressions and clicks
  • Track user's user group (set user groups in a priority order for the one to track)
  • Track links from RSS feed by source/medium
  • Track links from emails by source/medium
  • Track contact form usage
  • Track PWA usage and related events
  • Track scrolling down page
  • Track YouTube video engagement
    • Start
    • Progress
    • Complete
  • Track outbound links being clicked
  • Track site searches
  • Google Analytics reporting within XenForo admin
    • Realtime map showing the countries users currently on your site are in
    • Weekly heat maps
    • Charts
    • Report of client-side errors
Some things to note:
  • Does not work with Universal Analytics, only Google Analytics 4 (Universal Analytics is being deprecated and will cease processing new hits on July 1, 2023).
  • You need to link your Google Analytics account and pick your property under Admin -> Options -> Analytics
  • The Analytics Admin API currently can't enable Enhanced Measurement for your property's data stream. For the time being, you will need to go into your Google Analytics account, go to Admin -> Property -> Data Stream, and enable Enhanced measurement if you want to track the things enhanced measurement tracks. Once Google sorts it out with the Admin API, it will be something we can automatically do. [Google Analytics Admin API changelog]
  • In exchange for being free, this addon has a single attribution link buried on the bottom of XenForo's Help -> Privacy policy page (there are no site-wide or footer links).










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Latest updates

  1. Removed dependency on jQuery

    All JavaScript has been rewritten to be "native" (does not use jQuery) in preparation for...
  2. Fix for PWA events

    Fixes issue where some PWA tracking events would fire on all page views.
  3. PWA tracking

    New passive tracking option: PWA (if user is in progressive web app or not) New event tracking...

Latest reviews

I love everything about this! Bringing GA into the XenForo dashboard is brilliant, but I especially love all of the XF-specific goodness baked into this! We're doing a lot of work with themes, and will enjoy being able to track adoption of various options. Tracking threads rather than only pages and all of the other forum insights is nothing short of amazing! Thank you so much for this!
This makes switching to GA4 a breeze. Love the stats icon in the top admin bar to get to the page quickly! Loading the Google Tag Manager JavaScript locally really pumped our GTMetrix score! Folks like you are what make XF so amazing!
Makes a very good impression. Will use the tool for the first time in the coming week. At 1st glance it seems more manageable than when I have to work my way through Google. - good job done ..thanks a lot
A great and very useful addon with excellent support. I was already using it with XF1. Thanks a lot DigitalPoint!
Fixed minor errors. This is an excellent addon and each new release gets better than the last version.
I was about to ditch Google Analytics until I installed this add-on. This made the conversion to GA4 a breeze!
The predefined events are awesome. It is very easy to connect interesting events with Google Ads. Optimizing certain advertising campaigns to get more sign-ups for example. Thanks!
Outstanding add-on and support. Has really boosted my Google Analytics integration beyond the simple installation, the data is gold.
This looks like a really great addon, so nice to not have to deal with the clunky and confusing GA interface
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