[DigitalPoint] FileSystem

[DigitalPoint] FileSystem 1.0.1

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
[DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare® 1.8.1+
Allows you to optionally use a Local Cluster filesystem adapter for code-cache:// (allows you to keep file system changes in sync with different web servers... things like template/phrase changes as well as add-on development). Could also be used simply to trigger any command after file writes (maybe check changes into a repository automatically).

Allows you to store the files in internal-data://keys/ in XenForo's data registry.

Both functions can be enabled via options (do not need config.php edits).


Note: I know it's less than ideal to require the Cloudflare add-on to use this, but the necessary underlying filesystem changes are in that add-on (originally they were intended just for R2). You don't need to use that add-on for anything other than the filesystem changes (or don't need to use Cloudflare's service or even have a Cloudflare account).
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