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[DBTech] DragonByte Security

[DBTech] DragonByte Security 4.0.0 Beta 2

No permission to buy ($24.95)
Fix: Bugfix roll-up from Beta 1
Likes: semprot
Feature: Compatible with XenForo 2
Change: Completely rewritten framework to add XF2 compatibility and improve performance
Feature: Added an option to enable additional spider identification (spider list provided by ozzy47)
Feature: Added a toggle for whether WebGL should be excluded from fingerprinting (previously it was forced off)
Change: Updated the Fingerprint library to a new version, which (with WebGL enabled) provides even more accurate fingerprints
Change: Improved the way the Branding Free system works, no longer requires a separate key
Feature: New option: Enable Account Breach Check
Feature: New option: Account Breach Check: Check Username
Change: Improved performance by implementing phrase caching
Change: Back-end changes to make pages, error messages and redirects more compliant with XenForo standards
Fix: Setting password expiry to Unlimited could result in a password changing loop in certain circumstances
Change: Added caching for templates that are loaded via template hooks
Likes: Dadparvar
New Features:

Email Recovery Criteria: Paid Subscription Transaction ID
  • Users who can provide a valid paid subscription / user upgade transaction ID will by default receive a very high score, letting their recovery pass through
  • Score can be configured in the AdminCP

Email Recovery Criteria: Region
  • If the user's current IP is in the same region (e.g. state within the USA), a positive score can be applied to their request
  • Score can be configured in the AdminCP
Likes: Alfa1
New Features:

Email Recovery
  • Users who have forgotten or lost access to their email accounts can recover access to their account and change their email address via a page similar to "Lost Password"
  • Requires you to fill out an email address to receive these reports in the Options for this mod (receives separate emails for successful and unsuccessful email recovery attempts)
  • Adds itself next to every "Lost Password" link
  • Configurable scoring criteria to judge how likely it is that this person's request is legitimate
  • Browsable logs of all email recovery attempts and their outcomes
Likes: semprot
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a couple of cases where a "Invalid class" error could be displayed
  • Attempting to log in with an incorrect username / email will no longer cause a server error
  • Resolved multiple issues with the "Compromised Account Alert" feature
  • Resolved an issue where using the "Admin Unlock" action would generate an email to administrators with incorrect language