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[Tinhte] XenTag

[Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.5

No permission to download
Advanced Content tagging for Xenforo (#hashtags, forum tags, page tags, auto linking, widgets,...)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
Additional requirements
Widget Framework (optional, for using widgets)
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
GUIDE TO UPGRADE FROM XENTAG 2.X TO 3.X: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/tinhte-xentag.770/update?resource_update_id=16907

  • #hashtag
  • Tags for Forum and Page nodes.
  • Auto tag linking for post and resource content (great for SEO and user engagement).
  • Custom tag title, description, url with Front-end editor.
  • Watch tag.
  • Widgets (for Widget Framework):
    • Tag Cloud
    • Trending Tags
    • Trending Thread tags,
    • Related Threads (by same tags)
    • Tagged Threads (by a tag)
  • Xenforo Migration tool for Xentag 2.x (Tools > Rebuild caches)
  • Tag processing in Batch Threads update tool
  • In-word suggestion
  • RSS, View count for Tag pages
  • Anh many more features
  • Similar threads could be added by using[Xentag] Related threads in thread_view position.
  • Trending Thread Tags could be added in specific forums which an option to show most popular tags that were used only on that forums (and children nodes)
  • Specific type of threads list could be showed on sidebar or anywhere by using [Xentag] Tagged threads widget.
Screenshot for Xentag 2.x on below quote, new screenshot will be uploaded later.

Xenforo 1.5 Upgrade note.

This add-on allow you add tags to forums, threads, pages and resource items then display them on tag pages, tag cloud. It's very helpful for your forum members & SEO. Please read the installation guide before installing XenTag.

  • Tags for your forums, threads, pages and resource items.
  • #Hashtag for your posts.
  • Manage tags (front & back-end)
  • Tag Cloud, Trending tags (/tags/)
  • Watch tags, report tags
  • Widgets for WF: Tag Cloud, Trending, Related threads, Threads by a Tag
  • Search by a Tag, support both XF Built-in Search & Elastic Search Engine.
  • Auto keyword linker (by Tags)
  • Other 3rd party content type could be developed.
  • Designed for small to very large scale forums (tested on > 30m posts).
  • And many more features...
  • Download & Unzip
  • Upload all files & folder in /upload folder to forum root
  • Import XML File
  • Go to Options/[Tinhte] XenTag to set your own options.
  • Go to Usergroup Permissions to set [XenTag] Permissions for each usergroup.
  • All phrases are in English by default. You can translate them to your own language.
  • Upload (overwrite) new files & folders to current one.
  • Upgrade new xml file.
  • If you upgrade new XenTag from version < 1.8, you need to rebuild Thread search index after upgrade process.
FAQ (for Xentag 2.x)

1. Where is XenTag copyright line was displayed? Can I remove it?
It's displayed on Bottom of Tag pages & Tag cloud pages. You are not allow to remove it. If you want a Branding Free version, please send a conversation to me.

2. How to add Tag Cloud Block to the sidebar?
There are 2 ways:

a. Using XF Built-in Sidebar:

Find this line in PAGE_CONTAINER template:
<xen:include template="ad_sidebar_bottom" />
Add below:
<xen:include template="tinhte_xentag_sidebar_cloud" />
(You can also do this with TMS)

If you want to limit number of tags in this sidebar (i.e to 50 tags), open above template then change this line:

<xen:hook name="tinhte_xentag_tag_cloud_item" params="{xen:array 'max={xen:helper Tinhte_XenTag_getOption, cloudMax}'}">

<xen:hook name="tinhte_xentag_tag_cloud_item" params="{xen:array 'max=50'}">
b. Using Widget Framework:
You can find a widget name [Tinhte] XenTag - Tag Cloud, add it as a normal widget.

5. Will this add-on work on large/busy forum?
Yes, Tested & It's working on a 20 million posts forum.

6. What is Auto Linker feature?
It will look at what you tagged in your threads then find them in your post content, make these keyword into links (link to your tag pages). This feature increases your internal links and help Google or your members find your relevant content better.

There is an option for this feature (Auto Tag Mode), you can choose what you like there.

7. How can I disable Hashtag?
You can turn it off in Xentag options
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Many thanks to xfrocks, who develops this product for us.
Please rate this addon if you like it! Thank you.
First release
Last update
4.98 star(s) 53 ratings

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Latest reviews

Great! This is a high quality addon. So useful. Thank you very much. But you forgot the help file, that may be someone don't know how to update. Thank agin.
Thank you.
a high quality addon that resolves a feature that should be in XF core. lots of things to customize. well done. Hoping for continued development and support.
Thank you!
Great addon but I've a question, how to exclude a forum from the auto tag? Or how to remove some tag which relate to that forum in the past? Just don't want the tags of spam post show on the /tags page.
We don't have auto tag feature, that's auto tag links for post content.
Love the addon works great with the widget framework. Its easy to setup and works great cant wait to get some people using it. Seems to be coded nice and also has some other features including like trending and related threads.
Thank you.
Love it
Thank you.
Users love it.
Very useful!
Thank you.
Amazing update, Love the new design of tags list. Thank you!
Thank you. You also can customise it by adding your own css
Great add-on, very well coded with vBulletin importer and many settings
Thank you.
Excellent add-on. Wonder work