1. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Change forum_list title and H1 only

    Head over to your Admin CP > Setup > Options > Basic Options > Change your board title to the name of your forum only. For example, JoyFreak is my board name. This will be used consistently throughout the forums and you want to keep the consistency of your forum name throughout all pages. If the...
  2. A

    XF 2.1 SEO issue with forum's titles

    Hi there, There's an issue related to SEO that I would like to fix, but I have not found a way, nor an addon for this. I would like to have, for example, the forum title to be: Speakers for recording, mixing, and mastering (the h1 tag and the title tag) but on the Forum List, the title...
  3. adamgreenough

    Use semantic paragraph <p> tags in post content instead of line breaks <br> (Accessibility, Semantics, Bug Fixing, Styling, SEO?)

    I've commented about this before but have been recommended to start a suggestions thread! Currently, the Froala editor uses paragraph <p> tags for a hard return and line breaks <br> for soft return if you inspect the HTML while editing. This is how things should work and do in almost all...
  4. B

    Implemented Question thread meta description CTR seo

    Hi it will be nice to improve the click through rate on search engine to set meta description of question thread with the "best answer" post (when there is one). so in search engine we will have the question as title (link) and best answer as meta description it will improve ctr.
  5. B

    Seo index controls words count

    Hi It will be Nice to use Words count in the New "feature Seo index controls" X replies is not 100% acurate Replies can be à smiley or a single « welcome » word
  6. JulianD

    Beta SEO Utilities 1.0.1

    This is an experimental addon - Comments, pull requests and suggestions are welcome. By default XenForo includes in the Sitemap the first URL of each thread only regardless of the amount of pages in the thread. Various members of the XenForo community (here and here) have been discussing the...
  7. bebekforum

    Is it Harmful to Offer Both English and Turkish Resources with TR Extension Domain?

    I have a TR extension domain and it has been producing Turkish resources to this day. We made a radical decision and decided to produce resources in both English and Turkish. Could this have a positive or negative effect in terms of SEO?
  8. Agentos

    SEO Addon 2020

    I need SEO addon something like that
  9. ~kevin~

    XF 2.1 $ at the end of robots.txt sitemap location?

    Should the sitemap location in robots.txt have a $ at the end? Example - Sitemap: url/sitemap.php$ I was reading through some sitemap suggestions and one was to use a dollar sign to denote the end of a url. Does anyone do this? Have ya'll heard of it? Thanks in advance.
  10. J

    [JUM] Yandex.Metrika 2.0.1

    This simple plugin will add Yandex.Metrika code on public forum pages. You only need to specify the counter number in the settings. To view the Webvisor data, add (temporarily) to src/config.php string: $config['enableClickjackingProtection'] = false; this allow embedding Your forum in iframe.
  11. P

    XF 1.5 Google results displaying old date on forum category pages

    Hi All, just wondering if anyone has any idea why google is displaying this old date "9 Apr 2017" against my forum category pages when they appear in the google search results. I noticed it on category pages only and not on the homepage. The forum is a busy forum and updated regularly. I'm...
  12. Albanian

    XF 2.1 [Google Webmasters/Console] - Warnings blocked by robots.txt

    Hi, If i look in my Google Webmaster Console i am getting 66 warnings because there are some urls indexed by Google but blocked by robots.txt The urls are almost the same and are like :
  13. Dan Blather

    [XF 2.0] Google will only index about 30% of XenForo URLs

    The site: I started the site in 1994 (!), and the message board has been online since 1996. Change from vBulletin to XenForo: 5 January 2019. Problem: since I switched the message board software from vBulletin 4 to XenForo 2.0, and from http to https, Google removed a...
  14. Mr. Jinx

    Redirection script for SMF 2.0 2.2

    Redirect rules for SMF 2.0 (Apache and Nginx). Option 1 - Using .htaccess There are a few things for .htaccess to work correctly: SMF 2.0 was using normal URLs, like "" During the import to Xenforo, you choose to retain ID's Open your .htaccess...
  15. DeltaHF

    XenForo is outranking WordPress in Google search results on my site

    I'm doing research into my SEO and uncovered some interesting findings in my Google Search Console data that I wanted to share. First, a bit about my site: it's 18 years old and runs on a combination of WordPress (for the homepage and articles) and XenForo 1.5. Both installations are large...
  16. T

    XF 2.0 SEO, how to desactivate quotes links.

    Hello all :) Sorry for my poor English. I have a lot of google cover errors with my index. I have quotes pages that are referenced problems. How to put them in nofollow no index? Thank you so much for your help
  17. B

    Not a bug Cookie notice being indexed as page description

    I've searched XF and this doesn't seem to have been reported, but I've found it affecting hundreds of XF2 sites out in the wild, so thought it best to mention it. I built a test XF2 site and after Google indexed it I noticed a lot of the page listings has the description: "This site uses...
  18. Alpha1

    Fixed Google: Spammy structured markup. Data-vocabulary dead since 2011

    Google is marking hundreds of thousands of threads as 'Spammy structured markup' and a violation of their policies because of the way data-vocabulary microdata is used for 'Person'. This has a negative effect on ranking. At least for sites that are classed by Google as YMYL (critical for...
  19. SyTry

    SEO (SEO2) - French Translation by SyTry 2.2.0

    Today I share with you the translation of SEO (SEO2) made by @SyTry ! Installation tutorial : Log into your AdminCP : Appearance. Import a language : select the translation. Overwrite : Français (FR). Click Import. Version : 1.9.1 In case of problem, or bad translation ask me or @SyTry !
  20. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Sitemap help

    Will Google also crawl the conversations of the members or the conversation title? I'm using XF 2.0.x