SEO - what's up with Google?


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Here is my latest Search Counsel report from Google. I know my site is still new but why the huge disparity between the crawled not indexed and the indexed? Any way to close the gap that has worked for you?

Screenshot 2022-12-17 at 7.10.14 AM.png

Nicolas FR

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The forums produce a multitude of URLs that will not be indexed, including the URLs of posts, this is the common lot to all. No worries to have at this level imho.


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Thanks. So I may be obsessing a little but back many years ago, when I had another forum, Google was much quicker to index. Now it seems that it takes forever and there is little understanding as to why it leaves many out.

I checked today and my index pages have gone down to 139 from 145. Frustrating.

I guess were I and stuck is in why it doesn't index pages that are not blocked by the robots.txt. I understand not ranking them highly, but indexing?

Oh well, I guess I better do what is always recommended. Focus on the content and let Google do it's thing...