Limit Slug (URL) Length

Limit Slug (URL) Length 1.0.0

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  1. 2.2
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This add-on creates a new setting under Basic Options called Limit Slug Length:

It simply does what it says, shortens the "text"-part (also known as a slug) to be withing the defined number of characters..

Note: It also shortens slugs in the admin, but this will be fine as all things are anyway using the so all pages will work as normal
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Works beautifully!! Thank you so much!

Some context as to why it's needed:

I'm porting some communities from Reddit and trying to mimic the Reddit titles & URLs.

I increased the thread title length to 300 characters: - may also eventually be doable with mazzly's title addon

And changed the layout of the titles to be more compact:

This addon is the 3rd and final piece of the puzzle - reducing the 300-character URLs down to a custom size (70 is nice).
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