Add-on Update Notifier

Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.7

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
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Get alerted when new updates are available for your installed add-ons.

🔔 Features
  • Alerts when new updates are available (can be disabled in preferences and add-on options):
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  • Summary of updates available (ACP index and Add-ons page, can be enabled/disabled in options)
  • Info about new versions and quick access to download/changelog:
  • Possibility to ignore add-ons, or specific versions of addons
    Screenshot from 2023-01-16 16-38-29.png

🪙 Freemium pricing model

If you have more add-ons than your API key allows, it simply skips the extra ones, see FAQ on ignoring.
  • 30 add-ons are allowed for free by default in the API key
  • +30 add-ons cost 6€ / year
  • +60 add-ons cost 12€ / year
  • There is a 10% rebate of the total price per forum, up to 30%, so if you have multiple forums it makes sense to buy the upgrade at the same time :) 👍
ℹ️ Notes

Note: This addon will do callbacks to to check for new versions at regular intervals...

Note 2: after installing the addon you'll need to go into the options and enter the API key to get it running (instructions on how to get key is there also)

🥇The most used & New/trending XF add-ons

🤓 Add-on developer?:
Addon developer needing help with how to do versioning? go here:
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Latest updates

  1. Don't show update info for disabled add-ons

    Basically a fix to hide the "update available" info and buttons for add-ons that are disabled...
  2. Another backend update to fix a bug with previous update

    Since XoN add-ons nowadays use their own magical versioning system, we managed to introduce a...
  3. Backend fix to recognize "90-prefix"-verions for add-ons

    Shoutout to @Fatih Ozcan for reporting this :) A bunch of add-ons are using the 90-prefix to...

Latest reviews

This is a very helpful add-on and I have purchased the maximum 150 API.
I'm currently up to 155 add-ons and am wondering if/hoping we can possibly purchase an API for maybe around 200—250(¿?)
It was something missing in my forum manager. I really enjoyed the reminder, the direct link to download. Very useful. Many thanks.
Provides incredible functionality that should come out of the box with xenForo! No issues with the plugin, and it's great to know when add-ons are updated.
Very neat add-on. Pain to keep all the plugins updated without it. Highly recommended.

Well worth the money as well, reasonably priced.
Very good add-on! No worries about not up to date add-ons anymore. Even the owner of this add-on is very helpful! Thanks a lot!!
VERY Useful. I can just be lazy and not check updates and it does it for me. I also bought the upgraded api version.
Excellent add-on and a huge time saver, especially for communities that utilize a good number of add-ons from various publishers. Love it!
Love the add-on so easy to use and gives me a notification when something is needing to be updated both on the front end of the forum and the admin panel. Thanks for making life so easy!
All add-ons from @mazzly are great and most useful.
good and quick staff
I recommend all add-ons from @mazzly
I don't know how I managed before this.
Actually, I do know - I had a many updates outstanding.
Not any more.
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