1. D

    XF 2.2 XenForo Query?

    Hi, It's a long time since I've used XenForo, I've installed the latest version on my local PC to test it first... But once I put in on my website, after install are there any tips you guys can give me, such as do I need to delete the /install/ folder? and what about this file...
  2. mazzly

    Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.7

    Get alerted when new updates are available for your installed add-ons. 🔔 Features Alerts when new updates are available (can be disabled in preferences and add-on options): Summary of updates available (ACP index and Add-ons page, can be enabled/disabled in options) Info about new versions...
  3. eva2000

    XF 2.1 Addon Listing Cache?

    Trying to figure out if my issue is with an addon or native Xenforo latest 2.1 on my private test Xenforo instance. Wondering if Addon listing cache is the problem ? And how to clear, rebuild and/or troubleshoot this? Issue Trying to individually disable an addon and on run job redirect, the...
  4. Kruzya

    Not planned More validations when administrator removes an addons

    I'm think this is a partially bug. Let's go simulate a simple situation: Administrator tries install addon B and got an error about non-installed addon A. Administrator installs addon A. Addon A creates in database table xf_a_provider. Administrator installs addon B. Addon B is depends on addon...
  5. S

    Unmaintained WBB - Popular Thread Widget 1.0.0a

    This add-ons lets you show your favorite thread in the desired position. You must enter the information for the threads. (Title, Description, Link, Image and Category...) Show in any location... User group permissions Change Image effects Loading animation Responsive design Hover Zoom...
  6. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained Install and Upgrade 1.1.7 Patch Level 1

    Install and Upgrade Installing and upgrading your themes, add-ons and languages on your site just got easier with Install & Upgrade. Simplify your upgrades and installations with just a few clicks and reduce the management of updates by automatically checking for updates with our tool. Start...
  7. M


    Hi guys, I'd just like to know your own preference what are your essential XenForo addons? We're just in the middle of migrating from VBull to we would love yo hear about everyday, useful and essential addons for Xenforo please. Many thanks Jon
  8. Mouth

    Are XF2 add-ons better than XF1 add-ons?

    - Given the above selling point for XF2, I'm interested in the general feeling if in the past 6+ months we've realised or seen this? Those that have upgraded from XF1 to XF2, or are actively considering and testing for a upgrade...
  9. Yugensoft

    Roundtable on interactions between 3rd party add-ons

    I wanted to open this discussion, as it's an issue that I've faced a little, and one that I've seen many customers bring up. This is where two add-ons from different suppliers interact in a way that breaks one or more of them (especially one of them). It especially effects customers with large...
  10. IMG_1895

  11. ssssss434534

    Not planned making more Easy creating add ons and plugins.

    So the xenforo is like build for professional master in Computer Science. but who want to create a simple hello world add on on profile why he should create 10 files for a simple hello word, u should change the add ons system and making like mybb easy creating plugins and add ons, now i don't...
  12. X

    XF 1.5 addons before or after import, does it matter?

    Doing some practice imports here, (importing from VB4+VBSEO), just have a simple question. Have many XF addons to install... does it really matter if the addons are done before or after the import? Thanks
  13. Ulas K

    About License Extras

    Hello, Can I buy extras (branding removal or other addons etc.) after than buying the license? E.g.: I bought only license today. Can I buy branding removal or other extras, after 6-7 months later? Is this possible?
  14. Sadik B

    XenForo 2.0 Sample Addons

    Hello, I read through the Development updates for 2.0 posted on the Demo site. I suggest that after the release of xenforo 2.0 Developer preview, please release one or more sample addons demonstrating the alternatives for controller, model, datawriters and views as in 1.0 and also the new...
  15. D

    Audentio and ThemeHouse: Community strategists, designers, and developers

  16. DragonByte Tech

    DragonByte Tech Special Offers

    Hey all, Our DragonByte Optimise product (Web Store Link) has just gone Gold, and with it comes a special offer for 40% off, valid until 23:59 GMT / UK Time, October 16 2016! To take advantage of this special offer, enter OPTIMISE40 in the Coupon Code box during checkout @
  17. S

    Add-on Time Based Addon Activation/Deactivation

    Hi folks, does anyone know about an Addon, that activates and/or deactivates other addons on base of a pre-set time? May be you´ll ask yourself, how that should work and what purpose this should serve. In our case (a soccer board) we have a chat and we want to close it down while the soccer...
  18. S

    Not planned Page nodes as part of an addon?

    With the addition of callbacks added to page nodes, it would be nice if pages themselves could be included as part of an addon. I have a small addon that, using the route filter, and page node with a callback, allows me to not have to create a new ControllerPublic. But I can't package it or...
  19. S

    Cron times for addon overwritten on upgrades

    I have a forum backup addon that backs up the database and code base at different times set (loosely) by the time that the cron task runs via deferred.php Users of the addon set the time the crons should run based on what their forum requires, but on every upgrade of the addon, the cron times...
  20. Zimply

    Add-on Addon Documentation Helps your Customers

    I've been using several custom add-ons on my XF installation and one thing keeps bothering me. Everytime I purchase and install an add-on, it creates several user group permission options and several admin options which is per design and very helpful. What bothers me is the lack of documentation...
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