Not planned making more Easy creating add ons and plugins.

So the xenforo is like build for professional master in Computer Science. but who want to create a simple hello world add on on profile why he should create 10 files for a simple hello word, u should change the add ons system and making like mybb easy creating plugins and add ons, now i don't wanna say that u should change all of the system only these part of it, the plugins/addons system should be more easy than the all the system, now for getting username i get errors, in others platform it's more easy gett username by their api system.

Thanks for attention.
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Try out XF2 first of all.

If you have concerns after that, please create the suggestion again, but provide specific examples of what can be easier or what you find difficult. At the moment this Suggestion doesn't actually contain anything implementable so it's not viable. But, as Arty says above, XF2 has focused a lot of energy on making the development process easier, so hopefully you'll feel those changes alleviate your concerns.
Building add-ons for Xenforo is like coding for any PHP framework. If you can't handle any of them then you probably aren't on a level of capability that should be putting out add-ons. If someone can't handle MVC what makes us think they can handle not compromising a sites integrity?
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