Add-on Update Notifier

Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.3 Patch Level 1

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Some phrases had been added during development when we tested the 90-prefix in versioning.

This release resets them to be on version 1010391 rather than previous wrong value of 901000070
Some forum owners seem to have missed the detail about setting up an API key for the add-on to work, so we now also show a message at the top of the add-on page so they notice it at some point :)
  • Show info if your forum is blocking the callback about new updates
    • This message can be disabled in the add-on options
Screenshot from 2023-01-23 17-56-37.png
Screenshot from 2023-01-23 17-56-50.png
Screenshot from 2023-01-23 17-56-56.png
Fixed 2 phrases that were incorrectly marked as version 10.0.5 from a bad version bump earlier.
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  • AUN is not counted when showing the used amount add-ons from the limit
    • The backend already had this, but frontend didn't correctly indicate it.
  • Exclude legacy add-ons, thanks @SeToY
    • Not checked
    • Not counting toward limit
    • Not showing any indicators
  • Added a missing ? to phrase, thanks @Nicolas FR
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This fix hides the "waiting to be checked"-clock indicator for add-ons that will never be checked
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With the new "delayed alerts", there was a scenario where an admin could've installed an add-on update before the alert was sent, and then the alert was still sent when nothing really needed updating.

This fixes that the alert is not sent if nothing can be updated.
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With the update to automatically push out add-on updates to forums as they are noticed it can become a bit spammy (oops)

Now possible to set the Notification Interval in the add-on options:
  • Instantly
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
Nothing major, just changed the icon and wording for 10 free add-ons to support the upcoming new way of getting the 10 extra free add-ons to free tier :) 👍
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This prevents "skipped" add-ons from remaining skipped (for up to 6h) after the API key has been upgraded to allow for more add-ons.
(Note that on low-traffic forums you might need to refresh the add-on page once first to start the update job, and then once more to see the results)

Shoutout to @webbouk for reporting this 🌟
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