Add-on Update Notifier

Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.4

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Nothing major, just changed the icon and wording for 10 free add-ons to support the upcoming new way of getting the 10 extra free add-ons to free tier :) 👍
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This prevents "skipped" add-ons from remaining skipped (for up to 6h) after the API key has been upgraded to allow for more add-ons.
(Note that on low-traffic forums you might need to refresh the add-on page once first to start the update job, and then once more to see the results)

Shoutout to @webbouk for reporting this 🌟
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  • When a new update is found, forums using that addon are notified instantly, no more waiting up to 6h for the update notification to arrive
    • This only works for forums that are tracking fewer add-ons than what the API key allows.
    • This also allows add-ons with wrong API versions to be fixed (show up correctly) faster
  • new API key limits:
    • 40 addons in the free API key
    • + 30 add-ons cost 6€ / year (70 total add-ons)
    • + 60 add-ons cost 12€ / year (100 total add-ons)
  • We might add 90 extra as an option later if there is a need for it, currently, not many forums use over 100 addons...
  • When upgrading API key(s) there is a 10% rebate (of the total price) per key in the shopping cart, up to 30%
  • Changed the alert text from Addon Update is available to Releases a new version of an installed add-on to make more sense in the context
  • Hide the alert preference if alerts are disabled for all admins in the options
Shoutout to @SeToY for the ideas :) 👍
Previous versions did show the "Updates exist for the following add-ons" message to all admins, even those that don't have access to manage add-ons
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  • New option to control if admins are notified or not (enabled by default)
  • Change the "Upgrade now" button to read "Go to Add-ons" and be in its own phrase
  • Fix the button to show up correctly on the ACP index, thanks for reporting this @otto
    • Also fixed so that it doesn't trigger an error in case someone does FTP upload to install
Previous versions would not show the avatar if the forum was at e.g. /forum or /community

This release fixes that.
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Thanks for reporting this @otto 👍
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The same summary of updateable addons that shows on the ACP index (if enabled) also shows on top of the add-ons page (by default on, can be disabled in options)
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The 1.0.3 release had a bug where uploading through FTP + finishing the addon update would fail since it tried to access an unknown option (since it wasn't yet installed).

This release handles that error, would the option not yet exist. 👍