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Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.8

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Note: This is a backend change, meaning: there is no new package to install

Since XF2.3 the pages have <time>-elements with slightly different markup to denote timestamps.

Our backend is now updated to correctly read the timestamp for add-on updates
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As suggested by @Mouth & @benFF: Show buttons for download/changelog in the notice on top of the add-ons page:
Note: This is a backend change, meaning: there is no new package to install

We have updated the backend to be able to automatically have server IP rotations in certain cases. This should improve the functionality for those few servers (~10/300 so far) that are using and rotating between multiple IPs.

This should work for the majority of IP rotating servers, and in case it doesn't the add-on will tell you what to do anyway to get it resolved :)
Basically a fix to hide the "update available" info and buttons for add-ons that are disabled.

Thanks to @Mouth for raising this issue
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Since XoN add-ons nowadays use their own magical versioning system, we managed to introduce a bug with the last release, which fixed add-ons using the "90-hack" to be picked up correctly.

This bug made various XoN add-ons show up as having an update, even if the latest one was already installed.

Thanks again @Fatih Ozcan for reporting this :)
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Shoutout to @Fatih Ozcan for reporting this :)

A bunch of add-ons are using the 90-prefix to bump down the version_string, while still using a larger number.

We had code in the backend to handle this when parsing the version from add-on pages, but had forgotten to add logic that could automatically notice & mark these add-ons as using the "90-prefix/hack". So a couple add-ons in our system were being parsed as using "normal" versioning.

Because of this a couple of add-ons have not been reported as having updates when your forums' have checked in.

The backend is now fixed so that it can automatically mark add-ons using the 90-hack :) 👍
In this update we added support for XoN's special versioning format.

There was a small bug with this change so when he released a new version for an add-on that made the switch from the correct versioning format to his own, our system didn't map it correctly directly (it would've done it on the next release of the same add-on).

This has now been fixed and updates for XoN's add-ons should be sent correctly again :) 👍
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By default (since this update) the download button has been set to download directly from if possible. This release adds the option to prefer downloading from developer's own site if it exists.
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We added a new section to our site that highlights new/fresh and trending add-ons that might be of interest.

The existing "best Xenforo Add-ons" page only highlights the most used ones, which favors older add-ons that have been around a long time and therefore will likely have more installs.

This new section is more dynamic and will boost newer add-ons higher up to promote new and popular add-ons as well.

Currently, the formula is a quite basic number of installs / days since release, but it seems to be a quite good gague. We might tweak this formula later, but we want to keep it so that newer add-ons are boosted, while still striking a balance for how much in use they are..
If a download link allows direct downloading from the Xenforo resource page, send the browser there instead of the developer's resource page.

This is a UX improvement since most owners are likely already logged into XF, while on the developers own sites' they might not even have an account.

Thanks for the suggestion/report @Mr. Jinx
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