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mazzly submitted a new resource:

Limit Slug (URL) Length - Limit the amount of words in the URL

This add-on creates a new setting under Basic Options called Limit Slug Length:
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It simply does what it says, shortens the "text"-part (also known as a slug) to be withing the defined number of characters..

Note: It also shortens slugs in the admin, but this will be fine as all things are anyway using the so all pages will work as normal

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What is the prefered number of characters in sense of SEO for Google eg?
I don't know/think there is any benefit for shorter urls.. I would say it's more of a personal preference...

Shorter is ofc easier to type if you would manually ever enter the url... But too short and the context of the title is lost if important words are cut off 😁

A quick Google and it seems the consensus is around 50-75 characters.. If that then also includes the characters of the domain or not, I don't know 😁
ooh. nice. would have been even nicer if we could select number of words instead of characters? that would have prevented incomplete words in the title. but still very nice!
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