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Latest updates

  1. New version released

    Hey all, Flexile dark has been recoded from scratch, see here...
  2. Flexile Dark released

    This is a maintenance release that fixes a couple problems with the previous release of Flexile...
  3. Flexile Dark updated for XenForo 1.1.5 and Resource Manager

    Hi everyone! Flexile Dark has just been updated to support XenForo 1.1.5 and the official...

Latest reviews

Amazing - update for 1.3 works great! Awesome work Audentio!
The style is excellent but we shouldn't have to rely on others for critical updates...
Best theme around, seriously could not use Xen without :)
Thank you very much .. i'ts my favorite style
Thank you for update 1.1.5 =)
it's a shame that a great template be abandoned.
The best free theme on here!
verry nice theme :)
The only thing I didn't like are the header. The rest are PERFECT.
I love this style. Thanks a lot
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