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Unmaintained Horizontal Line Code 1.0

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
Unzip "hr". Upload the "styles" directory to your XenForo 1 forum's main directory. Click "Yes to All" on "Confirm Folder Replace". Don't worry. It won't erase any of the files you have in there. Or anything else. It'll just add some more.

After the upload is complete, go to the "Admin CP" on your forum. Click the "Home" tab. Then click "Menu". Then scroll down, and click "Custom BB Codes". After that is done, click "Import Custom BB Codes". Then click "Browse". Then select the "hr.xml" file. Then click "Import Custom BB Codes". And that should do it. You should now have a "HR" button in the text editor that will make a horizontal line. It will appear as "
" in the editor.

Have a nice day/night now!^_^
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