[TAC] Bot Arrestor

[TAC] Bot Arrestor 2.0.11

No permission to buy ($19.00)
Product was taken over from Yugensoft.

NO new features or bug fixes.

No need to update your installation!
Added request URI whitelist to options
[TAC has been acquired by Yugensoft]

Proofread and edited phrase lists.
Changed to uniform naming and version string format.
First pass code review and formatting cleanup.
Added bulk installer tool to the complete package.

This add-on specifically:
Renamed to 'Bot Arrestor'
minor fix to make this work with xenforo 1.4.x and 1.5.x
I've fixed a high priority defect: when the webserver did not have permission to back up htaccess and the option to update htaccess was ticked, an "open stream: Permission denied" error was thrown

is_writable is now verified, and the back up creation is within a try/catch

I have also added the amount of kB DeDos takes up in the cache (compared to other addons). I do this since DeDos relies strongly on the simple cache (to be able to block bots with 0 query overhead)
I've removed some unnecessary simplecache updates
(sometimes the simple cache was updating when no changes had been made)
- There was also a redundant setsimplecache('myvar', false), which was unnecessary.

I've tweaked secret ingredient 1 (I think this is pretty much there now)
I've fixed the admin search issue for the dedos cache

I have added a bit of code that removes session switches from the cache as soon as secret ingredient 1 is detected

I have set the default option for "Same IP Session Switcher" to false, since it wont be useful on bigger boards where a single IP could be used by many networked users.
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I've tweaked secret ingredient 1

This makes it extremely hard to ever cause a false positive for this mechanism :)
I've fixed the install issue
array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array

I've also added one extra check to session switchers (not just a javascript check but secret ingredient 1.. this should really put my mind at ease that these are always bots)