1. Sim

    Beta Known Bots 2.0.0a

    This XenForo 2.0 addon adds additional definitions for bot detection in sessions. Requirements This addon requires PHP 5.4 or higher and only works on XenForo 2.0.x Usage When you look at Current Visitors, you'll see additional robots identified - also look at the "Robots" list on that page...
  2. tenants

    Xrumer 16.0 spam now targeting hidden fields / honeypots (core antispam)

    I predicted correctly that next version would have this in, see: Can people let me know when the core honeypots start becoming ineffective...
  3. Yugensoft

    [TAC] Bot Arrestor 2.0.10

    If you like this add-on, please >>rate it<< Included in the [TAC] Total Anti-Spam Collection. Description Bots that assail your forum for malicious purposes, repeatedly interact with your forum in a sustained and resource draining manner. This could be as they scrape your content, or try to...