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[bd] Widget Framework 2.5.9

People love widgets

  1. xfrocks
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.0
    • 1.1
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    [bd] Widget Framework
    People love widgets

    1. Add any widgets to any pages of XenForo or other add-ons.
    2. Create new pages consists of widgets (built-in widgets or widgets from other add-ons)
    3. Set Widget Page as Index

    1. Upload files and directories inside `upload` to XenForo's root directory. Select "Merge" for everything if you are asked
    2. Import the .xml file using XenForo add-on importer
    3. Enjoy
    *. [For Devs] Enable debug mode: add `$config['wfDebug'] = true;` to config.php

    Currently, the add-on is packed with the following widgets:
    - Clear Sidebar
    - Birthday (since 1.1)
    - Feed Reader (since 2.1)
    - Forum Statistics
    - Share This Page
    - Thread with Poll (since 1.0)
    - Threads. 4 modes: new threads, new replies, most viewed, most replied, most liked, polls
    - User Recent Status (since 1.0.9)
    - Users. 3 order by: register_date, message_count, resource_count
    - User Online Now, User Online Now (Staff)
    - Users: Find (since 1.5)
    - Visitor Panel (since 1.0.9)
    - XFRM: Resources. 4 modes: new, updated, highest rating, most downloaded
    - HTML, HTML (without wrapper)
    - PHP Callback (since 1.0.10)
    - Template, Template (without wrapper) (since 1.2)


    1. 001_list.png
    2. 002_add.png
    3. 003_add.png
    4. 004_index.png
    5. 005_index.png
    6. 006_conditional.png
    7. 007_conditional.png

Recent Updates

  1. Now works with XenForo 1.4
  2. Maintenance update
  3. Minor update

Recent Reviews

  1. abdfahim
    Version: 2.5.9
    Nice one, I found the sidebar poll widget very useful. Few tweaks was required in the sidebar poll CSS to achieve harmony with the in-thread poll, but those are very easy and minor. Thumbs up.
  2. semprot
    Version: 2.5.9
    Good features, important for previous VB owner which has this function built in. You can get latest threads, latest posts, etc. Each has adjustable cache TTL.

    BUT, it does not work in PHP 7, unless you do some file editing first.

    Install in test forum first, before installing in in your real forum.
  3. DieselMinded
    Version: 2.5.9
    AWESOME , BEST ADD ON I HAVE THANKS WORKS PERFECTLY .................................................
  4. Gabby Sama
    Gabby Sama
    Version: 2.5.9
    so nice thank you very much for this add-on. Hope you will dev more and more better add-on for us!!! Love!!!!!
  5. Mark87
    Version: 2.5.9
    Fantastic ! This was just what I needed on my forum. Easy to use and so flexible. I keep looking for ways to use it even more ways to use it and add features. 5 stars from me !
  6. assemblergames
    Version: 2.5.9
    So easy to use! So powerful! I love this mod.
    Thanks for making such a great tool.
    One small 200k mod replaced all of VBB CMS system.

    I am loving the mod.
  7. okhello
    Version: 2.5.9
    Where's the donate button? This is the single most flexible, multi-purpose add-on we use. I can't believe how little work it requires to show relevant same-category threads in every subforum on our site. Also used it to give our staff a way to view 20 most recent user registrations in the Member List.

    I can't wait to find more uses for it.
  8. ESAD
    Version: 2.5.9
    Totally Awesome! This should be rolled into the xenforo code without a doubt! Another must-have mod! Now I need to figure out how to get it on the gallery pages, and I'm totally hooked! Great work here!
  9. Divvens
    Version: 2.5.9
    Another excellent add-on by xfrocks, he truly makes xenForo rock!

    Widget Framework gives you extensive capabilities to do and show almost anything, anywhere. It isn't just a simple sidebar manager, you can make pages dynamic thanks to this add-on!

    Just an example, on my home page (http://orojackson.com/) we use the add-on to manage all content on the sidebar and update the main content block manually via html/css. And due to the dynamic sidebar content, no one expects the page to actually be static/manually updated!

    I even use this add-on to manage Google Adsense advertisements. As EQnoble said in a previous review: "There is nothing reasonable that I should expect this addon to do that it can't"

    It also comes with the excellent 'xfrocks' support! 5 stars all day, any day!
  10. clove28
    Version: 2.5.9
    Really an excellent add-on to customized the blocks and feel of my forum. Instead of messing up the template, this add on gives an easy way to put any blocks you want on your forum.