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[bd] Widget Framework 2.6.6

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Change logs (since 2.6.3)

  • Improve extensibility for Thread widget
  • Added: use_wrapper and custom_template options (XFRM Resources)
  • Added: cutoff option (Recent Status)
  • Changed: Include new threads for "Latest Replies" thread widget
  • Bug fixes
This is a major update and backup is strongly advised if you are upgrading from 2.5.9. Sites running 2.6.3 beta should have no issue though.

Change logs:
- PHP 7.2 compatibility
- Redesigned Layout Editor
- Performance improvements
- Added: Profile Posts renderer
- Added: Layouts in Threads renderer
- Added: User Follow, User Info renderer
- Added: XenForo Media Gallery support
- Added: Widget page’s widgets import / export
- Added: Cache Store option
- Changed: Expression is deprecated, it’s recommended to use Conditionals
Version 2.5.9 10-09-2014
  • XenForo 1.4 compatibility: Poll + Profile Posts renderer
  • Added Duplicate for widget
  • Added new thread indicator for Threads renderer
  • Added controller support for Template renderer
  • Bug fixes
Bug fixes related to widgets with "all" position.
  • Added new avatar only option (Birthday renderer)
  • Improved "all" position widget display order
  • Improved memory usage
  • Bug fixes
  • Added open_only option for Threads and Poll renderers
  • Added show_duplicates option for Recent Status renderer
  • Fixed bug Birthday renderer (limit)
  • Added new bb code PRBREAK to use Full layout (Threads renderer)
  • Added many new style properties
  • Streamlined memory usage
  • Improved Threads renderer to show threads with permission more effectively
  • Improved Widget Page layout editor and rendering
  • Bug fixes
Version 2.4.3 27-10-2013
- Added support for resource icon (XFRM 1.1)
- Added support for style/language/timezone in caching
- Improved HTML injection
- Changed name for Trojan class
- Fixed bug detecting template to get container data
- Fixed bug rendering widget in widget page
Version 2.4.2 12-10-2013
- Added support for numbers in title of Online users renderer
- Added support for "columns" widget group
- Added support for custom node type
- Added style property to control maximum character of snippet (Threads renderer)
- Added random mode for Poll renderer
- Added Callback (without wrapper) renderer
- Added option to override default caching behavior
- Updated Resources renderer to be compatible with XenForo Resource Manager 1.1 (backward compatible with 1.0)
- Updated as index feature for widget page: navigation tab, correct highlighting, better integration
- Updated widget rendering for widget page: title came back, tab interface is working again
- Fixed bug when widget page is deleted
- Fixed bug for widget with multiple hook positions
- Fixed bug invalid character for cache entry
- Fixed bug widget title display incorrectly in AdminCP