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s9e Media BBCodes pack 20170522

★ Guaranteed to contain every media site you need. Or at least some of them maybe. ★

  1. Updated Audiomack

    Updated Audiomack
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  2. Updated audioBoom

    Updated audioBoom
  3. Updated SoundCloud

    Track IDs will be systematically retrieved when possible.
  4. Updated BBC News and Pinterest

    Updated BBC News and Pinterest
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  5. Updated Google Spreadsheets and TinyPic

    The Google Spreadsheets code has been updated to a new type of URLs. You may want to check that your old embeds still work.
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  6. Updated ABC News

    Added support for ABC News embed URLs
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  7. Updated IGN, SoundCloud and Twitch

    Added support for uppercase URL schemes in IGN and SoundCloud.
    Removed support for old Twitch links which have all but expired, excluded blog URLs.
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  8. Updated YouTube and Oddshot

    Added support for attribution links and share links to YouTube.
    Updated Oddshot. Old links appear to be unsupported.
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  9. Updated Twitch and vidme

    This update adds support for new Twitch URLs and fixes an issue with vidme pages being mistaken for videos.

    If you enjoy this add-on please consider making a donation using either of the buttons below. Thanks!...
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  10. Quick fix for PHP 7.1

    Errors are muted when generating a dynamic template to avoid type juggling warnings on PHP 7.1.
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