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s9e Media BBCodes pack 20170120

★ Guaranteed to contain every media site you need. Or at least some of them maybe. ★

  1. Quick fix for PHP 7.1

    Errors are muted when generating a dynamic template to avoid type juggling warnings on PHP 7.1.
  2. Added Gifs.com

    Added Gifs.com
  3. Added Pinterest

    Added support for pins and boards.
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  4. Updated Podbean

    Podbean have changed the URL of their player. Old URLs appear to return a 404 error.
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  5. Updated IMDb

    Updated IMDb
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  6. Added support for the new NHL Videos site and Twitch clips

    Backward compatibility with NHL's "Video Center" is preserved even though I expect old links to be left to rot by the NHL.
  7. Updated Spotify

    Added support for usernames that contain a dash character.
  8. Updated BBC News

    BBC News have changed their embedded player. Backward compatibility is not guaranteed.
  9. Added scrollbar to the list of supported sites in Add Media dialog

    The list of supported sites in the "Add Media" dialog has been limited to 40% of the screen's height. If that's not enough to show all the sites there should be a scrollbar unless it's suppressed by the browser.
  10. Added MLB.com

    If you like this add-on and want to support future development, please consider a voluntary donation in EUR or in USD. Thanks!
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