s9e Media BBCodes pack

s9e Media BBCodes pack 20180519

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Added support for Amazon.in URLs and Imgur's /t/ URLs.
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⚠ This update is fairly experimental. ⚠

In this update, the responsive wrapper uses span elements instead of divs. It is expected to be functionally equivalent. However, it is fairly untested and may be reverted if it causes issues.
Amazon doesn't use a dummy associate tag anymore if none is provided.
Imgur's width is now limited to 100% of the available space.
Vidme's dimensions have been normalized to 640 × 360.
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Twitch clips have a new URL format
Updated audioBoom
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Track IDs will be systematically retrieved when possible.
Updated BBC News and Pinterest
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The Google Spreadsheets code has been updated to a new type of URLs. You may want to check that your old embeds still work.