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s9e Media BBCodes pack - Pack of BBCodes used for embedding media content

This pack contains the definitions for 22 media sites: Break, CBS News Video, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Dailymotion, Facebook, Funny or Die, Gamespot, GitHub Gist, IGN, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, LiveLeak, Metacafe, SlideShare, SoundCloud, TED Talks, Twitch, Vimeo, Vine, WorldStarHipHop, YouTube. The complete list with examples of supported URLs can be found on its GitHub page.

The BBCodes definitions is based on and compatible with...

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This is the first release. Everything works for me, but if it doesn't work for you I'd like to hear about it. The experimental configurator is unstyled so it kinda sucks at the moment, but otherwise the rest of the add-on is solid. You can take a look at the source of the add-on and the script that generates it on its GitHub page.
I use the other BBcode addon and this one has a lot of the same ones. Is there a way to only install like 3-4 from your add on that I need to add to my collection?
You can try the experimental configurator. Just click the rows to select the sites you want to use then click the link at the top and save it as addon.xml to your disk. Then you install the pack normally except you use the custom addon.xml instead of the one in the archive.

The interface is experimental. I recommend a recent browser. Some browsers will act differently whether you left-click the link or right-click and "save as". For some reason, some browsers try to save the file as download instead of addon.xml. Those are kinks that I plan to iron out as soon as I can spend some time on it.

And by the way, you'll notice that the list of sites is saved in the URL so that you can bookmark it for later instead of clicking the same sites everytime I update the list. (which is going to be relatively frequent in the near future)
Here's the default youtube Match URL's, which detects more URL formats than your code.

The difference between XenForo's default YouTube BBCode and the one in the pack is that mine supports URLs in the form http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=uelHwf8o7_U (you get it when right-clicking on a video while on YouTube) and XenForo's default supports URLs with /u/ in the middle, but I haven't been able to find URLs using this form so I think it might have been decommissioned by YouTube. I'm still digging for information about those URLs.
Sure. Can you post a few links that should be supported? Otherwise I have to scour reddit for them.

Edit: apparently, Grooveshark has many kinds of links. Songs, albums, playlists and what not. I'm going to have to mull over my options for a couple of days.
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@Lone Wolf: nope, there's no Twitter embed. I don't think there'll be a Twitter embed in this pack in the forseeable future because it's too different from the simple routines it uses.

@Rain man: I'll look into it asap. If it's easy to embed I'll do it today, otherwise I'll do it later.
@Lone Wolf: nope, there's no Twitter embed. I don't think there'll be a Twitter embed in this pack in the forseeable future because it's too different from the simple routines it uses.

That's a shame. Twitter is probably the most embedded media these days. Thanks for the quick reply, please tag me if you change your mind some day.
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I'm going to take a look at it ASAP. In the meantime, you can try editing the BBCodes in the Admin CP and replace "http://" with just "//" in the embed HTML. If the problem is HTTPS, it could fix it.
@DRE: if you're using Chrome, it seems it doesn't like the Flash MIME type. Try removing type="application/x-shockwave-flash" typemustmatch="" from the embed HTML. Not sure what to make of that though. :\
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