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s9e Media BBCodes pack 20170120

★ Guaranteed to contain every media site you need. Or at least some of them maybe. ★

  1. mypbaph
    Version: 20161123
    i needed a way to embed Twitter and Instagram posts in my forum and this add-on did it naturally. one of the most important tool on my site, many thanks to the developer!
  2. skicomau
    Version: 20161123
    Regularly updated. Works great. Members love it. #bigwin. Ensure you donate to support this great add-on.
  3. Michael Murguia
    Michael Murguia
    Version: 20161114
    Simply great and always maintained. I get updates for this add-on about once a week! I am making a donation. I've used this add on for over a year!
  4. stacy.c
    Version: 20161109b
    This is one of the most-used add-ons on my site. It always works well and makes our forums a lot more fun and engaging for the users. Excellent work by the dev!
  5. OperaManiac
    Version: 20161109
    If you run Xenforo, you need this. Amazing support from the developer. Made life incredibly easy as a forum administrator. I wish dev opens an account on patreon.
  6. Mackintosh
    Version: 20161016
    One of my favorite plugins. Great time saver and helps our community a lot. I love the inclusion of Pastebin and Soundcloud.
  7. gldtn
    Version: 20161016
    Wow.. What an amazing addon, really saves you time by adding all popular media sites BBCodes for you! Must have addon!
  8. Araripe
    Version: 20160921
    Excellent add-on! Does exactly what it promises. Extremely useful for any community. 10/10 would download and install again :)
  9. resonansER
    Version: 20160921
    Today JoshyPHP said: "Added support for links to the Steam store"
    This is OUTSTANDING addon! He's very useful and very convenient!!! Thank you SO MUCH!
  10. Huskermax
    Version: 20160722
    As always staying on top of the updates! Which is good since media keeps changing their stuff up. In the last update he even added a media we used that was not part of his pack.
  11. Huskermax
    Version: 20160626
    We moved from VB to Xenforo and since this really is not part of the out of the box we got this. It has been very nice, we have a sports site so we get a lot of embeds on our forums.
  12. Joe.
    Version: 20160515
    This is probably one of my most favorite add-ons available for download on xenforo.com. Members are often impressed on what can be embedded.
  13. DoctorJew
    Version: 20160507
    Amazing addon. Covers any side I could ask for and would add more sites if needed. Constantly updated as well!
  14. PyroM
    Version: 20160325
    Marvelous addon and awesome continuous support in discussion thread with almost 120 pages now. Top addon, just works great - a must have!
  15. worrorfight
    Version: 20160325
    Updates are consistent and pretty much the only media bb code I use on our site.

    Thank you for this lovely add-on!
  16. BobbyWibowo
    Version: 20160128
    As everybody else have said. This add-on does what it says. I've seen my members amazed and felt happy by how things that can be embedded are by default embedded on their posts. Be it a pastebin snippet, a tweet on Twitter, or even a poll widget. Support from the author is also great. You can expect quick bug fix and continuous update. Totally recommended to install if you think that it's too much of a hassle to manually add more media sites to your XenForo installation.
  17. Erik P.
    Erik P.
    Version: 20160128
    Does what it says, includes most if not all of the media embeds you could want and is kept up to date. Start here when building your embed codes.
  18. Optic
    Version: 20151211
    You could manually add media BBCodes and for the more obtuse ones, muck around with templates for those that need additional assets... or you could just use this add-on!

    Well supported, and easy to use. The kitchen sink of XenForo media BBcodes. Highly recommended.
  19. lazy llama
    lazy llama
    Version: 20151203
    Great addon which covers so many possible media sites.
    Excellent timely support from JoshyPHP. This update fixes an issue that several users had reported where Tweets weren't embedding properly.
  20. greenpuck
    Version: 20151114
    Simply works, major time saver and absolutely worth donating for. A must have for every xenforo installation.