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This is probably one of my most favorite add-ons available for download on xenforo.com. Members are often impressed on what can be embedded.
Amazing addon. Covers any side I could ask for and would add more sites if needed. Constantly updated as well!
Marvelous addon and awesome continuous support in discussion thread with almost 120 pages now. Top addon, just works great - a must have!
Updates are consistent and pretty much the only media bb code I use on our site.

Thank you for this lovely add-on!
As everybody else have said. This add-on does what it says. I've seen my members amazed and felt happy by how things that can be embedded are by default embedded on their posts. Be it a pastebin snippet, a tweet on Twitter, or even a poll widget. Support from the author is also great. You can expect quick bug fix and continuous update. Totally recommended to install if you think that it's too much of a hassle to manually add more media sites to your XenForo installation.
Does what it says, includes most if not all of the media embeds you could want and is kept up to date. Start here when building your embed codes.
You could manually add media BBCodes and for the more obtuse ones, muck around with templates for those that need additional assets... or you could just use this add-on!

Well supported, and easy to use. The kitchen sink of XenForo media BBcodes. Highly recommended.
Great addon which covers so many possible media sites.
Excellent timely support from JoshyPHP. This update fixes an issue that several users had reported where Tweets weren't embedding properly.
Simply works, major time saver and absolutely worth donating for. A must have for every xenforo installation.
Stellar add-on! I was doing embedded media support as one-off BB Code media site entires on my site and this add-on just saved me a TON of time. Instant donation. Thank you!
Since Xenforo does not allow copyinig/pasting of Excel sheets directly onto posts, this is perfects solution.
This is one plugin that you must install on your XenForo powered board. Developer is super responsive to feature suggestions and bug reports. Add-on gets better with every update!
Without question ... the best add-on I've seen yet. I was looking through the many options for embeddable media sites and this cat even got my WSHH in there! If I could rate it 10 stars, I would. #Bravo
The best addon.
I hope to continue the work that it does. Have only words of praise and this addon saves a lot of work.
I recommend you try it and use with confidence.
Thank you very much.
If I had to delete most of my add-ons and leave the most essentials this would be one of them. Constantly updated and well maintained. It let my users embed most of the things that they want to share very easily.
Very good , very good , cant tell more , thnk you very much fro creating this great addition . must have for any forum . we very happy to have this !!!!
Great addon and BBCode pack! Amazing updates and active developer. Definitely recommend for big boards. Thanks for all the updates and work on this. Cheers!
Incredibly useful on our site; bordering on indispensable. Author is responsive to requests and always gets it right. Much, much appreciated! Typing to exceed 150 character minimum.
Just installed this on xF 1.4 - haven’t tested out very many of the integrations yet but the ones I have used are excellent. The Twitter embed is very nice with all of the included links in the tweet. Great work!
Great add-on....I love the category structure. I only need about one category for now for my forum. Thank you once again for the great work and simple to use add-don.
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