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Simply works, major time saver and absolutely worth donating for. A must have for every xenforo installation.
An essential add-on for any Xenforo site that had multimedia links shared by its members. JoshyPHP keeps it up-to-date and working at a pace that is second to none in the add-on community.
thx very much i hope the vk.com bbcode works without issue =(
is there an option to disable some of them ? cuz i just wana vk !!
You can install the whole pack then disable the sites you don't want to use. Or if you don't want to overwrite your existing sites, you can try the experimental configurator linked in the description.
Youku works fine! It would be awesome if Tudou is included.
Fantastic addon!!
Wow.. What an amazing addon, really saves you time by adding all popular media sites BBCodes for you! Must have addon!
Since Xenforo does not allow copyinig/pasting of Excel sheets directly onto posts, this is perfects solution.
Thanks for developing this. Always good to have more media code supported.
One of my favorite plugins. Great time saver and helps our community a lot. I love the inclusion of Pastebin and Soundcloud.
Updates are consistent and pretty much the only media bb code I use on our site.

Thank you for this lovely add-on!
Marvelous addon and awesome continuous support in discussion thread with almost 120 pages now. Top addon, just works great - a must have!
A great add-on for a whole host of BBCode Media sites. More sites added when requested if they are possible. Excellent configurator for adding just the sites that are required. Thanks!
This is a must have add-on! Thanks for maintaining it. Such a great and wonderful add-on. <3 Thanks once again!
One of my favorite add-ons, its updated all the time! Very responsive author that fulfills most requests. I use this for all sorts of sites that are not supported by xenforo core.
Just what i needed friend. Awesome pack.
Thanks for adding the Getty image support!!
Amazing BBCode Pack. Contains everything that you'll ever need. And even more, the author actually accepts custom request. Honestly thanks a lot for this!
Although I gave already five stars earlier, I would like to refresh my review for the current version. This addon is a perfect and must have addition for all forums who share embeds from media or social sites. The addon deserves without a doubt 5 stars. Additionally it receives another 5 stars for the awesome and competent support by @JoshyPHP!
If I had to delete most of my add-ons and leave the most essentials this would be one of them. Constantly updated and well maintained. It let my users embed most of the things that they want to share very easily.
Without question ... the best add-on I've seen yet. I was looking through the many options for embeddable media sites and this cat even got my WSHH in there! If I could rate it 10 stars, I would. #Bravo
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