1. X

    Dynamic thread url & descriptions for embedding 1.0.4

    When thread/post-<ID> are linked via social media, the embeds contain the linked post and not the first post on the page
  2. X

    XF 2.2 Embed XenForo between Wordpress Header/Footer

    Hi all! I've searched the Forums and have only found old Threads on this topic and would be interested in which method is recommended today. I have an active Wordpress Site and a XenForo Forum and would like the Forum Header / Footer to look exactly like the WP site. So far what has been...
  3. edTT

    Embedding vimeo with hash parameters using shortcodes

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum. Anyway, I'd like to seek help on how do you embed an unlisted vimeo video through shortcodes? Basically I'm helping my boss with her vimeo videos by embedding it to the forum. And according to vimeo you need to add the hash parameter along with the video ID to...
  4. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Fixed Youtube's sister domain youtube-nocookie.com is not accepted as Media

    I can't embed a youtube video from youtube-nocookie.com which is an official youtube domain popularly used for video embeds on websites.
  5. T

    What to embed on my website

    Hi, I apologize but I am confused. I need a simple explanation. I have a website: truthu490.info I refer all the videos to Rumble. I had them going to the original URL, but should I be using the ones ending in 228dh. For example: <snip> I want to use the least data on my website. I know...
  6. D

    XF 2.1 How to embed my twitch live channel onto my xenforo website

    Hello everybody, i am trying to embed my twitch live channel onto my website but am having a really hard time trying to do that. I have seen websites made by xenforo who has done it hence the reason i bought the service but it seems like there is no addon for me to embed my stream. This is an...
  7. R

    Cannot reproduce Facebook video embed issue

    Live video link fails to embed. See https://xenforo.com/community/threads/facebook-video-issue-test.165272/.
  8. R

    Fixed Facebook Photo Posts displayed as links instead of embeds

    Many Facebook Page Posts have the following format: https://www.facebook.com/WDWNewsToday/photos/a.441846857712/10156708925807713/ Instead of embedding these as a post (which they are) they are embedded as URLs, e.g.: https://www.facebook.com/WDWNewsToday/photos/a.441846857712/10156708925807713/
  9. XFA

    Unmaintained [ITD] Embedded Scribd Documents Mediasite BB Code 1.0.0

    Do not forget to rate it. This helps others to make decisions. If you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate to contact with me. You can Embed all scribd documentsin to your board via Mediasite BB Code. License: Usage: Just copy/past any document sharing code like below...
  10. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites 2.15.3

    This add-on will: Add a carefully curated collection of the most useful and most requested media sites. A list of supported URLs can be found on this page. Improve the performance and efficiency of the default media sites. Pages will load as fast whether there are no videos or 100 videos...
  11. AlexL777

    XF 2.0 How to embed Dailymotion and Youtube Videos in Xenforo 2.0

    Hello Community and Developers, XF 2.0 has just come out and I was able to make a great upgrade. But how can I work with Dailymotion and Youtube videos in MediaGallery and Forumposts? Apparently BBCodes still have to be created for this, but as an XF 2.0 beginner I do not know which data of...
  12. W

    XF 1.5 Can I embed a video file I uploaded through FTP in the same server?

    HI, It seems that I can only embed videos in Youtube, ... but isn't it possible to embed videos in the very same server?
  13. keenly

    Add-on Using a thread as embedded comments on another website.

    Does anything like this exist? If not i want to make it exist. :) Basically I'm looking for something like vanilla comments. It allows you to embed a thread, on any website and use it as commenting system (like facebook comments, or disqus). if a thread doesn't already exist it generates a...
  14. snowman

    XF 1.5 YouTube embedding video has stopped working

    YouTube video no longer seems to be working. I tried it on four different clips. All that is displayed now is a black box with a Y in the right corner. When I mouse over it, it says "Watch it on YouTube". Did YouTube change their policy about this? Did I miss an update that is required? I...
  15. A

    Can I embed xenforo to weebly or it's a stand alone program?

    I've been looking thru out this forum to see if is possible to embed xenforo on weebly and couldn't find anything about it. I have several weebly sites, I've seen other forums like Nabble that I dont like as much as xenforo. I really would like to be able to embed this to weebly. Is it possible...
  16. Alpha1

    Unmaintained CBSNews/NewsOK media sites 1.0.0

    This resource adds media site bbcode for CBS News and NewsOK.
  17. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Embed flash from deviant art

    One of my users wants to be able to embed this original piece from deviant art: http://frogstar-23.deviantart.com/art/Zen-swf-with-audio-525559292 Is that possible in xenforo? Thanks.
  18. wmtech

    [WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials 1.1.3

    Please review this add-on, if you like it. This helps other people to decide and gives us a little smile back for the many hours used to create this professional add-on. Description: YouTube Integration Essentials add-on enriches your Xenforo website to show the embedded YouTube video and...
  19. wmtech

    [WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials [Paid]

    wmtech submitted a new resource: [WMTech] YouTube Integration Essentials - Significantly enhances the performance of your web site with local YouTube embeds Read more about this resource...
  20. JoshyPHP

    Unmaintained s9e Media BBCodes pack 20231102

    This add-on is for XenForo 1.x. For XenForo 2.x, install the s9e/MediaSites add-on. This pack contains the definitions for 134 media sites: ABC News, Acast, Amazon Product, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Audioboom, Audiomack, Audius, Bandcamp, BBC News, *****ute, Bleacher Report videos, Brightcove...
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