Add-on Using a thread as embedded comments on another website.


Does anything like this exist?

If not i want to make it exist. :)

Basically I'm looking for something like vanilla comments.

It allows you to embed a thread, on any website and use it as commenting system (like facebook comments, or disqus).
if a thread doesn't already exist it generates a new one.

  • Keeps all discussion related data on my website contained within the xenforo database.
  • Use xenforo's user system (avatars, username and banned users)
  • Use xenforo's Moderation system (banned words, forum moderators)
  • Use xenforo's editor (custom BBCode, users attachments).

Technical breakdown:

Take the existing features of a xenforo thread:
  • Authentication
  • Posts
  • Pagination
  • Quick reply editor
Isolates these features in a separate template without header and footer, to allow custom styling.

Needs Logic to get thread based on an ID, or generate a new thread if one doesn't exist.

There would also need to be a hefty javascript front end component that embeds the comments on a page using an iframe and automatically adjust the iframe height based on number of comments and new comments.

Is there anything like this available?
What are your thoughts?
Any obstacles I've missed?

Want to help me build it?

Thanks for your support
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