1. keenly

    Add-on Using a thread as embedded comments on another website.

    Does anything like this exist? If not i want to make it exist. :) Basically I'm looking for something like vanilla comments. It allows you to embed a thread, on any website and use it as commenting system (like facebook comments, or disqus). if a thread doesn't already exist it generates a...
  2. JanHoos

    XF 1.5 Redirect (301) Vanilla to Xenforo

    Hello! Another question, how can I redirect the URL's from Vanilla to Xenforo. I've read some topics around here about the subject, but I can only find vBulletin and some PHP ones. They have a different URL composition as Vanilla so thats why I wasnt sure how I should format my mod rewrite...
  3. JanHoos

    XF 1.5 When to import? Building up forum

    Hello everyone, I've read this guide: and I'm wondering about the retaining content ID's. Currently, my live forum is running Vanilla and behind the scenes I'm building up my Xenforo forum. Adding all the trophies I have on...