1. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Confessionals 2.0.0

    This add-on allow to You want to repent, admit fault, sin, or worse. View demo Features: Upload attachments in confessions Post as anonymous or guests or identified (Only confessions). Tag System Approval, Report, reaction, alert, inline-mod and warn system (Confessions and comments)...
  2. xffutureuser

    [UW] Forum Comments System 1.9.3

    This Forum Comments System add-on allows users to post comments under a reply in the forum. The add-on basically functions as nested replies for the main reply in the tread, suitable also for Q&A threads. This FCS add-on combines similar functionalities as you can find in vB5, Facebook and xF2...
  3. D

    Import to Xenforo posts and comments from rss feed Wordpress - it's real?

    Hello! Can Xenforo import rss feed posts along with comments to this posts - create a forum topic, and post comments as answers? Of course, if I include comments in the rss feed on my site.
  4. Kintaro

    Lack of interest photo attachment comments

    I would like to see photo info and comments on zoomed photos attachments lightbox (like facebook ecc).
  5. keenly

    Add-on Using a thread as embedded comments on another website.

    Does anything like this exist? If not i want to make it exist. :) Basically I'm looking for something like vanilla comments. It allows you to embed a thread, on any website and use it as commenting system (like facebook comments, or disqus). if a thread doesn't already exist it generates a...
  6. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    MG 1.1 How to search and replace comments (encoding problem)

    We migrated from PhotoPost to Media Gallery. The settings of the PhotoPost had been erroneous for some time period, or there was some bug, I don't know for sure. The result was wrong character encoding in some of the gallery comments. Now they are successfully converted to Media Gallery, but...
  7. Amaury

    Fixed Make Comments for Recent Comments Plain Text

    I was considering filing this as a bug report, but then I thought, "I'm pretty sure it was designed that way." It just seems a bit odd having the comment be a link, too. Only the name of the media should be a link, which takes you to the comment in question—and in the current state, both link...
  8. Hooligan

    comment tags generate empty alert

    Not sure why this is happening, as it seemed quite random to us. All other username tags on the forum work, except when tagged in a profile comment. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? Attached is a screenshot of the bug. Thanks in advance. :)
  9. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Conversations on Moderator Actions 1.0.5

    [TH] Conversations on Moderator Actions - Automatic conversations from moderators Description This add-on creates a conversation with a user (from the moderator) when the user's thread is moved, deleted or merged or his post is deleted. If the moderator entered a reason, the reason...
  10. Eagle

    Adding the comments, information, share etc. into Lightbox.

    You click on one of the photo it will open an overlay/lightbox with comments and information panel like Facebook or other Photo Gallery. Really important feature that must be added. As a matter of fact, a lot of people get addicted to Facebook. Because very nice handy to everything. In...
  11. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Page Comments 1.0.1b

    [TH] Page Comments - Add a comment system to pages Description This add-on is now opensource. The reason for this is because the add-on is a single-purpose add-on, bugs rampant, and most of the feature requests are that time consuming and don't fit within the product functionality...
  12. J

    xenForo with WordPress and Comments

    Hello everbody, for my next project, I want to create a online magazin (based on wordpress) with a comment form under each article and with xenForo for the board. The registered board users should can comment with the board account, so there is no need for registering two accounts (board and...
  13. Alpha1

    Extend the discussion function to a comment handler

    The current discussion system does not allow addons to use forum posts for comments. For example if we want to have a page, blog, resource, with comments below it then we need to build a commenting system instead because its not possible to make use of the discussion function. This leads to...