1. Starbucks

    GTA 6, what do you think?

    So, the GTA 6 trailer just got leaked on X and in response to that Rockstar decided to just drop the trailer completely: What do you think about the next generation of Grand Theft Auto? To me it looks amazing! But the release date… 2025 ☹️ The required platforms haven’t been announced yet...
  2. H

    XF 2.2 YouTube asking for CAPTCHA? (Xenforo 2.2.12 Cloud Hosted)

    Hey everyone, I tried searching for this to no avail and was curious if anyone was having issues with embedded YouTube videos asking for CAPTCHA verification from your members as of recently? I have two different members (on iPhone devices if that makes any difference) that started reporting...
  3. Stylesfactory

    Beta YouTube Plugin (Streamers list) 1.0.2

    Functions: widget with list of streamers turn off all offline streamers from listing toggle streamers from list get information about viewer count, stream title, status, username, streamer avatar subpage with list of streamers license required
  4. Lorthirk

    XF 2.2 No preview shown for any link after import from SMF

    Hello all, I imported an old SMF forum to Xenforo. Everything works great, but I noticed that old posts with an embedded media (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc.) are shown as links instead that showing the embedded video. If I then edit that post and just save it without changing anything, the video...
  5. XenForo

    Developer IDE and server software setup guides

    Here at XenForo, we like to keep our development environments up-to-date and as useful as possible, and from time to time we include some of our findings in our online documentation. Recently, we've published an easy setup guide for a Windows-based development environment and now we've added...
  6. eva2000

    XF 1.5 3rd party template referenced images run through proxy.php ?

    For both XF 1.5 and XF 2.1, I've modified the youtube bbcode media template to serve the default youtube image thumbnail rather than load all the script/video assets on initial page load for better page speed. Example at...
  7. A

    XF 2 Youtube Live Add-On

    I need youtube addon live with the ability to set the widgets position There must be live + chat live The price of the add-on is to be max $ 5 - $ 10 or price to be agreed
  8. K

    XF 2.1 Video Links Update - Youtube

    Hi, I'm migrating from PHPBB3.1 to Xenforo. Everything was smooth on the migration Xenforo 2 (latest version). On the PHPBB forum I had some customs BBcodes to allow the display of the video on the topic. However on Xenforo there is no need! This is very good and easy. I removed the...
  9. imno007

    YouTube Forbids Monetizing Short Music Clips Through Manual Content-ID Claims
  10. SyTry

    [SC] BB Code YouTube 1.0.0

    Description : This add-on allow you to add the BB Code [YTID] on your forum, to display a YouTube channel in your posts/threads. Feature summary : Style properties : Layout : Full Default Theme : Dark Light Count : Default Hidden Branding : This add-on does not include branding...
  11. Jaxel

    XF2 [8WR] XenRio 2 (Streams) PRO

    BRANDING REMOVAL can be purchased HERE ($50) This is a complete rewrite of my popular live streaming scraper for XenForo. XenRio periodically scrapes various APIs in order to keep your users informed of the currently live broadcasts relevant to your community. Demo...
  12. KhanTastic

    XF 2.0 Youtube videos link limit in post?

    Hi friends, I am using the latest XF version, in a thread I shared around 17 links of youtube videos. After submitting the thread, I can see only 5 youtube videos players are showing in the thread but the rest of the links from 6 to 17 do not show as player. They just stay as youtube URL in the...
  13. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites

    JoshyPHP submitted a new resource: s9e Media Sites - Comprehensive collection of responsive media sites Read more about this resource...
  14. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites 2.14.1

    This add-on will: Add a carefully curated collection of the most useful and most requested media sites. A list of supported URLs can be found on this page. Improve the performance and efficiency of the default media sites. Pages will load as fast whether there are no videos or 100 videos...
  15. AlexL777

    XF 2.0 How to embed Dailymotion and Youtube Videos in Xenforo 2.0

    Hello Community and Developers, XF 2.0 has just come out and I was able to make a great upgrade. But how can I work with Dailymotion and Youtube videos in MediaGallery and Forumposts? Apparently BBCodes still have to be created for this, but as an XF 2.0 beginner I do not know which data of...
  16. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Youtube Video Profile 2.0.3 Patch Level 1

    Feature Summary Autoplay video Use system Widget Usergroup permission This addon Allows member to add a youtube video on their profile. You could change the location using the widget system.
  17. Always Watching

    Auto-adding from a YouTube channel?

    How about a feature (if it already exists, please tell me) that monitors a YouTube channel for uploads - for every video that channel uploads Xenforo adds that video the media center in a specified album/category.
  18. Soul Fighters Academy

    MG 1.1 Import YouTube Playlist or Channel Feed?

    Hello we have a large YouTube Channel where we have certain videos in playlists that we want displayed. I could have sworn I saw the possibility to import those videos via Media Gallery. Any suggestions?
  19. snowman

    XF 1.5 YouTube embedding video has stopped working

    YouTube video no longer seems to be working. I tried it on four different clips. All that is displayed now is a black box with a Y in the right corner. When I mouse over it, it says "Watch it on YouTube". Did YouTube change their policy about this? Did I miss an update that is required? I...
  20. XFA

    [XFA] Youtube Profile Sidebar 1.0.2

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Allows users to post their favorite youtube video on their sidebar profile Features Usergroup permission Video mode option (With video or just only sound) Position on sidebar option Autoplay option Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is...
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