XF 2.1 Video Links Update - Youtube



I'm migrating from PHPBB3.1 to Xenforo. Everything was smooth on the migration Xenforo 2 (latest version).

On the PHPBB forum I had some customs BBcodes to allow the display of the video on the topic.
However on Xenforo there is no need! This is very good and easy.

I removed the unnecessary tags from the posts, like [youtube]http://youtube_link_here[/youtube] before updating to xenforo 2.

So here is what I noticed:

1 - The imported post still displays the link correctly without tags
2 - If I Edit and Save the link is displayed as video on the topic correctly

So here is the question, is there a way to Refresh the posts instead of editing one by one? This is just to update the video links.

I'm still in migration phase, so if there are some suggestions to re-do or so it's still feasible.

I have the same issue YouTube links are just links and not being displayed as video’s, but when posting a link it turns to video. How to convert all existing YouTube links to video’s.
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