1. tomwood

    XF 2.1 How to change the image that Twitter uses in a link to a thread?

    When I post a link to a thread from my website to Twitter it looks like this: It's pulling the center of the image from my website header. I know I can use the OG thing to tell Facebook to use a different image, but is there an equivalent for Twitter? Can I make an entry in the Xenforo Admin...
  2. P

    XF 2.0 Sharing Posts on Twitter with picture shown

    Heyho, I have a question, I want to make it possible sharing posts of my threads on Twitter, including pictures of this posts, like a smale preshow of the Foto next to the text. How can i get this? Tweets with pictures are lot more interesting! Thx for your help! Cheers :)
  3. R

    XF 2.0 Easiest way to put Facebook and Twitter link and icon in footer?

    I am looking for a stupid simple way to put a link to Twitter and Facebook account along with their icons in my footer. Something like on Xenforo Community: I'm sure this is easy to do with Font Awesome icons. Does anyone have the HTML I would need to add to the Footer template to...
  4. eva2000

    Fixed Twitter Integration vs

    For Twitter Integration is eventually going away and moving to However the updated XF 1.5 instructions to add 2 callback urls for /register/twitter and /admin.php?tools/test-twitter callback url seem to only work for legacy app...
  5. G

    XF 1.5 Twitter 0Auth Issue - Users Can't Log In

    Twitter recently changed their protocol and now whenever a user tries to register or log in wit twitter they get the message: I checked for a solution and someone said it is because the token is not being passed in the URL. My url now looks like...
  6. Sim

    Twitter integration not working

    After a report from a user that they couldn't log in via Twitter, I confirmed I was having the same difficulty. I checked my Twitter app settings and tried resetting the keys, but still getting the error. It also fails the Tools > Test Twitter Integration test. This is happening on multiple...
  7. Matt C.

    [AH] Twitter Widget 1.2.0

    Third Party Libraries TwitterOAuth What does this add-on do? This add-on lets you add a Twitter widget which features tweets from a public list. Both widgets are designed to fit right into your existing theme. You can configure the add-on in the option's page... ...and style it via...
  8. jazz_aaf

    Unmaintained Post Threads to Twitter 1.0

    If you are like me, you don't want every thread in your forum to be sent "automatically" to your forum's twitter account, especially for busy forums. This template modification plus a small php script will give your forum moderators the freedom to send any thread to the forum's twitter account...
  9. DragonByte Tech

    [DBTech] Tweet Poster 1.1.0

    Instantly share new threads posted in select forums to Twitter. Supports adding hash tags, either pre-defined or manually during posting, and prevents your tweets from going over the 280 character limit. Why use Tweet Poster? Tweet Poster allows your users to stay up to date with your forums'...
  10. R

    Fixed Twitter validator does not accept valid Twitter URL

    When entering a Twitter identity, the Twitter Validator does not accept a valid Twitter user URL like the Facebook validator does. You have to just enter your username. Shouldn't these two validators work consistently?
  11. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites

    JoshyPHP submitted a new resource: s9e Media Sites - Comprehensive collection of responsive media sites Read more about this resource...
  12. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites 2.3.14

    This add-on will: Add a carefully curated collection of the most useful and most requested media sites. A list of supported URLs can be found on this page. Improve the performance and efficiency of the default media sites. Pages will load as fast whether there are no videos or 100 videos...
  13. BassMan

    [cXF] Twitter Widget 1.0.0

    FEATURES add Twitter plugin to a widget (best in sidebar position, but you can choose any you want) adjust plugin language add any Twitter Page URL light or dark theme customize link color hide footer in plugin remove borders in plugin hide scrollbar remove background color of plugin adjust...
  14. Infopro

    Fixed Sharing Thread on Twitter via Social Links

    I shared today's XF2 announcement on twitter by clicking the twitter link at bottom of the thread. The link works when clicked at bottom of thread, but the post on twitter is just a link and the text I added. No image of any sort is carried over from your forum.
  15. Webmaster intorg

    Xenforo to twitter

    So i was looking around the forum to find a god plugin/addon to auto post board information to my twitter account but i could not find any god one, lots of post but no realy god plugin/addon so somebody that know about a god plugin/addon That i want to do is to send to twitter updates on new...
  16. J

    XF 1.5 Q&A Captcha For Social Accounts Signup ?

    I am trying to have Q&A Captcha displayed during the sign up page for users who opt to sign up using their Twitter | FB accounts. Basically, I am using Captcha not only to stop SPAM, but also to validate certain level of knowledge required by any user before being able to sign up. Hence, I am...
  17. J

    XF 1.5 Email Address Auto Population | Twitter Sign up

    Hello, It looks like that twitter integration is not auto populating email address even thought twitter app has access to user email address registered in his twitter account. I am not sure about FB as I have not tested it yet ! I was wondering is this a typical behaviour or its only me ...
  18. Mr Lucky

    Add-on Tweet quote or tweet this type addon

    If there is something like this already please let me know, otherwise how feasible to develop something like this for xenforo. There are various Wordpress plugins, for example Quote Tweet, where the user highlights some ext and a twitter icon appears and you click and it tweets the text...
  19. zaiger

    Twitter logo problem

    I apologize if this is the wrong subforum. for the last 6 years when people have posted our forum link on Twitter it has shown the logo to our website. However the last 2 days or so when someone posts a link to our forum on Twitter s shows the XenForo logo instead. I did not touch or change...
  20. abudanh

    XF 1.5 twitter cards

    Hello I want to activate Summary Card with Large Image properly Forum. I looked at the community on all topics relating to the but most of the codes wrong. I got codes shows the Title and Description properly But the picture attached not appear I want codes work well