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  1. erich37

    Twitter hit with lawsuit for 'eavesdropping' on messages

    Twitter has been hit with a class action lawsuit over claims that it “eavesdrops” on users’ private messages. The complaint also alleges that the social media site alters direct messages. http://www.rt.com/usa/315470-twitter-lawsuit-privacy-violations/ :whistle:
  2. MoonRiver

    MG 1.1 Tweet button issues (mobile device)

    One thing I've loved about the media gallery is that I could easily tweet the images from my Samsung smart phone. With the latest upgrades, that button has disappeared, though it is still easily found on my PC. Please let me know how to get my tweet button back. :cry:
  3. Iversia

    Fixed Twitter Card 'photo' deprecated

    Noticed the really awesome use of Twitter Cards in the gallery, however the 'photo' card type was deprecated on July 3rd, 2015 and replaced with 'summary_large_image'.
  4. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Twitter Widget

    Audentio Design submitted a new resource: Twitter Widget - Twitter sidebar widget using the Twitter API Read more about this resource...
  5. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Twitter Widget 1.0.0

    This will let you add a twitter widget to your XenForo sidebar using the Twitter API. You will need to setup an API key, and Twitter OAuth key for this to work.
  6. SneakyDave

    [SolidMean] Profile Post Chars 1.0.0

    ABOUT Tired of the 140 character limit on profile posts? This addon makes that limit configurable. It also allows you to change the limit on profile post comments from the default of 420 characters. There are no database changes, no visible branding, and no callbacks installed with this addon...
  7. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media BBCodes pack 20171124

    This pack contains the definitions for 122 media sites: ABC News, Amazon Product, audioBoom, Audiomack, Bandcamp, BBC News, Blab, Bleacher Report videos, Break, Brightcove, CBS News Video, CNBC, CNN, CNNMoney, CollegeHumor, Comedy Central, Coub, Dailymotion, Democracy Now!, dumpert, 8tracks...
  8. wmtech

    [WMTech] Social Share Privacy 1.1.6

    Please review this add-on, if you like it. This helps other people to decide and gives us a little smile back for the many hours used to create this professional add-on. Description: Social Share Privacy add-on enables your Xenforo web site to load the icons for social sharing web sites...
  9. wmtech

    [WMTech] Social Share Privacy

    wmtech submitted a new resource: [WMTech] Social Share Privacy - Load the icons for social sharing websites from your local server. Read more about this resource...
  10. Yugensoft

    [TAC] Auth Captcha 1.0.2

    If you like this add-on, please >> rate it << Included in the [TAC] Total Anti-Spam Collection. Description If you've noticed a sudden trend of bots registering via FaceBook/Google/Twitter, then like me you want to stop it quickly. The FaceBook/Google/Twitter registration page is often...