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Amazing BBCode Pack. Contains everything that you'll ever need. And even more, the author actually accepts custom request. Honestly thanks a lot for this!
This is an excellent resource with a huge number of BB Code media sites. It is very configurable, allowing you to add just those you require as well as set the size of the videos if desired. The author works hard to maintain this add-on and constantly adds new media sites via requests. He is very helpful to users and has made several changes following requests. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants more than the default BB Code media sites.
This is a well maintained resource. I appreciate the developer's continuing efforts to improve this resource by frequently releasing updates. It just keeps getting better and better.
Works and Works well. Although rarely utilized on my community it is nice that when you do come across a news story or video that isn't hosted on you tube that we can still easily embed just about any video with this plugin.. the Bonus is that the Author is updating the definitions on a regular basis.
Just got way better with Flickr! Thanks for keeping this add-on updated and awesome. I don't use the ebay and amazon media sites, because it breaks skimlinks
Best Media BBCode pack of XenForo :). I recommended the Add-on for your XenForo because have support for many media sites. And its updated all the time.
One of my favorite add-ons, its updated all the time! Very responsive author that fulfills most requests. I use this for all sorts of sites that are not supported by xenforo core.
Contains everything required
Works great for what i need it for!!
Nice keep up the good work
Excellent! Love it! :-)
Youku works fine! It would be awesome if Tudou is included.
Good work
Must Have Addon! Good Quality and good features!
Thank you for keeping the plugin updated and constantly improving this! My users truly appreciate this!
An excellent add-on and one that is updated almost daily - top notch!
Great Add-on
Great add-on with great support! The developer is very responsive too which is a triple plus. This media pack will really boost the forum experience for your visitors, especially if your community relies on sharing lots of social media links, videos, pictures, and other forms of media. Great add-on and free too. Thank you for this!
Mind blowing. I cannot believe how is easy this was. A+
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