[TAC] Stop Human Spam

[TAC] Stop Human Spam 1.4.8

No permission to buy ($19.00)
Product was taken over from Yugensoft.

NO new features or bug fixes.

No need to update your installation!
Fix: redirect response error
Fixes related to guest posting.
[TAC has been acquired by Yugensoft]

Proofread and edited phrase lists.
Changed to uniform naming and version string format.
First pass code review and formatting cleanup.
Added bulk installer tool to the complete package.
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Sorry for not testing that last fix people, it seemed so simple.

I've uploaded and tested this version on my own sites, no errors thrown and should catch that previous bug.
This bug has possibly been in there for a couple of versions, I'm surprised no one pointed it out

... fixed an error logging issue when forums are non moderated forums
Kind of an important one to leave out.... added it back in (see previous update)
We now detect multiple character types, if there are more than x characters in this character tpye (the default is 5) the post is blocked, character types detected (you can customise this):

  1. Arabic
  2. Armenian
  3. Bengali
  4. Bopomofo
  5. Braille
  6. Buhid
  7. Cherokee
  8. Cyrillic
  9. Devanagari
  10. Ethiopic
  11. Georgian
  12. Greek
  13. Gujarati
  14. Gurmukhi
  15. Han
  16. Hangul
  17. Hanunoo
  18. Hebrew
  19. Hiragana
  20. Inherited
  21. Kannada
  22. Katakana
  23. Khmer
  24. Lao
  25. Limbu
  26. Malayalam
  27. Mongolian
  28. Myanmar
  29. Ogham
  30. Oriya
  31. Runic
  32. Sinhala
  33. Syriac
  34. Tagalog
  35. Tagbanwa
  36. Tamil
  37. Telugu
  38. Thaana
  39. Thai
  40. Tibetan
  41. Yi
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