[TAC] Stop Human Spam

[TAC] Stop Human Spam 1.4.8

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  • A fix simple made (there was no need to use the view when signature editing is overridden), this is necessary to work with XF 1.2
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  • Minor enhancement: linking the username to the admin user edit options (to quickly and easily ban/edit a user in the ACP once human spam is detected)
  • A fix for internal links, now [url]example.com[/url] internal links are allowed (if the allow internal links option is checked)
  • Email links are now more thoroughly checked if an email host is mentioned in the post... so that @hotmail or [at]gmail will not be allowed (if the stop email links option is checked)
  • Human spammers found a way adding links to their profile posts, by posting the links in their status (rather than directly on their wall / other peoples walls). If the option to stop human spam on profile posts is now ticked, this now also included the status message - Fixed.
  • Added an option to allow internal links (so even those that do not meet the minimum conditions can still post internal links)
  • Fixed an issue related to bbcode embedded urls not being detected
  • Its now possible to moderate messages ~(threads / posts) with banned words (rather than just preventing creation)
  • stretched strings such as "wwwwwwhy" are no longer detected as sneaky urls
  • minor improvements (avoiding false positives)
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  • Fixed an issue with awww getting detected as a sneaky url
  • added an option to display the matched part of the sneaky url to the user
  • Changed the default for Link post rules to:
Minimum Number of Posts: 3
Minimum Number of Likes: 2
Minimum Like: post Ratio: 1
Minimum Registration Days : 3

  • Fixed an error when users attempt to post a link on member profiles, but arent allowed
  • Log Events: If a user is prevented from creating a thread / post / altering their homepage / about me, log the event is logged. This log can be displayed via Admin Control Panel >> Tools >> StopHumanSpam Logs. The log contains the message displayed to the user (the reason there content was blocked), the username of the offender, the time stamp and the content they attempted to create.
Added an option: Allow External Images & Media

If the user is not yet allowed normal links due to the link post rules, this option allows users to add external images to their post (these would usually get picked up as a link)
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